High Five for Friday!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  I had a co-worker say- “Nothing messes up your Friday by realizing it’s only Tuesday.”  It’s been that kind of week for me!  Hope your week has been wonderful.  Keep reading while I give my High Five For Friday:

Miss Neenee had a birthday party.  It was a sleepover.

Sweet friends with the birthday girl

Happy 9th birthday to the Miss!

Miss Neenee got a Madagascar III movie for her birthday.  It included a Marty the zebra circus afro wig.  It got pretty wild around here.

Mr. Cutie Pants rockin’ the rainbow wig

Had a fall program at the Miss’s school.

Miss Neenee saying her “lines”. “Autumn is the time when animals & people prepare for winter.”

We had a Ladies Day at church.  It was called “How to be the Southern Belle God intended you to be.”

The Miss reading her scripture at Ladies Day

Some ladies & girls dressed the part!

Southern Belles & Old Fashioned dressed ladies & girls

I was trying to clean house one day, that Miss Neenee had a friend over.  They decided I needed a snack.  Miss Neenee made me a plate of marshmallows & Reeses Pieces.  Her friend made me a playdough cake. Both had cute little notes.  One note said “This is for you”.  The other said, “P.S. This is my cake”.   Made me smile.

Snack made for me by some sweet girls

Hopefully, everyone will have a great weekend & week next week.  I will be linking in with Lauren From My Grey Desk at her weekly link party.  Come on over & link in with your H54F, too.  It’s a wonderful way to catch up & see what everyone else has been doing all week.  So, what will you be doing this weekend??

Christmas shopping is a trick

I was listening to the radio on the way to work.  There was a commercial talking about black Friday. Evidently, if you don’t start camping out, outside of Best Buy right now, you are a loser & won’t have anything for your loved ones, for Christmas.  Or at least that’s what the announcer implied.

Deals! Deals! Deals! Oh the joys of saving money-for the holiday, of course…..

I will say this, the retail stores have done a great job of trying to get what little left over money the country has.  I mean, the Christmas decorations are out earlier every year.  At Halloween, we went over to our town’s trunk or treat for Miss Neenee to get some candy.  We were driving along & the Miss said, “Look Mama, snowflakes.”  Then, she proceeded to point to the light poles, that already had the Christmas decorations on them.  Go. Figure. Let me tell you this, I have 5 kids & a grand child to buy for.  I do not Christmas shop all year round.  I do not go to black Friday.  I wait until December to start shopping for Christmas.  And you know what?  Every year, they get Christmas presents.  I am not usually too stressed or coming apart.  My problem is, with such a large family, spending too much money.  Aha! You may say, perhaps I need to visit black Friday!  No, I would rather go thru all the money I have, than put myself through that.  Everybody has their rathers.  I would rather make a couple of mad dashes here & there & get it done.

Mind you, there was a time I loved Christmas shopping.  When my Mama was living we loved to shop together.  She loved shopping at any time of the year.  Christmas was just an extra special treat!  Even when she was in a wheelchair, she would have my Daddy take her to the Walmart Supercenter at midnight. Not just at Christmas, but other times, through out the year.  Her thought was that it was less crowded.  So, if she wanted to take time looking at things, she did not have to worry about being in people’s way.  Her Mama loved to Christmas shop, too.  I remember going to the store with her.  She would let me pick out what I wanted.  It was a toy, sometimes, or make-up, as I got older.  I got to help her pick out presents for my cousins, too.  We would do a lot of window shopping, as she called it.  You know, looking & admiring, not so much buying all we saw.  In times past, I would go with my sister-in-law & brother shopping on Friday after Thanksgiving. We usually went to Memphis shopping.  We would go to the Mall of Memphis & to Goldsmith’s on Poplar.  It was always a fun time making my brother carry our bags.  Perhaps one day I can Christmas shop like my Daddy.  He did all his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, every year, for every one, at Radio Shack.  My Mama was not too much on electronics.  So, he would have to pick her gift up somewhere else.  But boy did me & my brother always get some cool stuff! One year we got a remote control airplane.  Another time my brother got a hand held electronic baseball game & I got a tape recorder. Good times.

Whether you decide to go to black Friday & line up with all the folks to buy your goods, or if you decide to lay back & wait to start your shopping later on- I won’t judge you.  I will just be snoozing blissfully, on my day off, while some unshowered, lady(who has been up all night) snatches an Easy Bake Ultimate Oven or Furby away from a well meaning shopper down at the local Walmart.  There will be chaos, nasty jeers, yelling, & tramplings in some stores,  all in the name of Christmas presents.  Who wouldn’t want to miss that?

Thank you for stopping by to visit with me today.  I would love to hear about some of your Christmas shopping experiences.  However, I have to be going now, because I should be washing clothes……

High Five for Friday!

Another week has past & today I hear it’s about 60 or so days until Christmas!  I hope everybody had a wonderful week.  Ours was still unseasonable warm here in Mississippi.  I do know it is supposed to be down to 39 degrees Saturday night.  That will be right on time, since our church hayride is that same night!  With no further delay, here is my high five for Friday:

Mr. Cutie Pants ready for church

Mr. Cutie Pants spent the night Saturday night.  Just in time to go to Sunday School on Sunday!  Can’t believe he is already 1 year old.

Pickwick River Run 5k

Did the Pickwick River Run this past weekend.  When I say “did” I mean walked briskly with my long legged, fast walking friend Jen.  We had a really good time.  We talked & laughed the whole time!  Walking is way more fun with a friend!

Miss Neenee putting color in the homemade play-doh.

I made some homemade play-doh.  Miss Neenee decided it would look beautiful if we made it blue.  She was right!

Thursday night grilled

Last night my husband grilled & barbequed bologna.  If you have never had it, stop what you are doing & go get some right now.  It’s. that. good.  I made those cheesy potatoes in the oven.  However, you could wrap them in foil & put them on the grill.  Delish!

Pink polish for Breast Cancer Awareness month

Scored some new pink polish for Breast Cancer Awareness month!  I painted my toes…now, I must get to painting my nails!

Today, I will be linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk blog.  We get together there, each Friday to tell about 5 things that made us happy this week. So, what are your plans this weekend??

Raising kids is so easy…said no one ever.

I heard someone say, not too long ago: “The hardest part of raising kids is over.  Mine are almost teenagers.”  I chuckled, a little, to myself when I heard this.  My children are 21, 20, 19, 18 & 8 years in age.  While they were younger, I was so relieved when they started walking & talking. And too, when the last one came out of diapers, I thought what will I do with all this money I will save from not buying formula & wet wipes??  Well, don’t get excited, this is not the secret to becoming a millionaire. ( I never saved any money.)  Then, they started school. What ever happened to this free education they are supposed to be getting?  I’m pretty sure I have bought enough Kleenex, Germ-X, colors, back packs, lunch boxes, etc,.. to take care of a small family.

Back to my point- I have had babies, I have had elementary school kids, I have had middle schoolers, jr. highers, high schoolers, & college kids.  The hardest part of raising kids is not while they are babies, it’s these high school graduate- college kids.  Let me explain.  With a baby, if they get in to something they aren’t supposed to, you just pick them up from where they are.  You give them something else to occupy them.  All the  while you go back & wipe up the spilled Cheerios,  pick up the magazines flung from the coffee table, clean off the wall where they were showing their creativeness with their new colors, whatever it is, it’s exhausting, but obtainable.  When they are the college age kids, they get in to something they aren’t supposed to, well, you can pick them up at the county jail, go visit them in the hospital, or basically try to rescue them from themselves.  All the while, telling them over & over until you are blue in the face, this is NOT the way.  This behavior only leads to nothingness.  But they won’t listen.  What do you do?  Seeing that since I have an expertise in these things, I will share with you my solution.

  1.   As soon as they are home from the hospital & you are able to get out of the house, take them to church as much as possible.  Keep them involved in a lot of church activities.  Make sure they all know right from wrong, at an early age.  Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it
  2. Make sure they know you love them. However, let them know obedience is key to anything in life. Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord.
  3. Make sure you are going to church yourself & leading a good example.  Ephesians 6:4 And you fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training & admonition of the Lord.
  4. Once you have provided the fertile soil for positive growth, have given guidance, instruction, in love, when they finish high school & reach the dreaded age of about 18, sell everything you own, buy a R.V. & set out to see the world, without them.  Otherwise, you will spend the next few years of your life in a bundle of nerves.
  5. If you decide not to purchase the R.V., then, you might want to have your doctor prescribe you a nice anti-depressant.  Because everything you have ever done wrong in your life, will come full circle & you will reap, heartily, of the bounty of crow that is set before you.  Every time you said, “My child would never ……(and finish this sentence with something seriously earth shattering), will come true before your eyes.  This is what your life will result in for the next few years.  This is the time in one of my friend’s lives that she gave me some really wonderful advice.  I won’t ever forget it.  Her son was marrying, divorcing, having kids, doing drugs, getting jobs, losing jobs, going to jail, etc.,. He was raised using the first 3 tactics above. When I asked her how she handling things & making it through, she said, “A lot of prayer & a lot of Paxil.”  I love my friend.  A lot of prayer is so vital to every aspect of life!
  6. When these kids get to acting like adults, don’t be afraid to treat them as such.  If they are old enough to make adult decisions, they are old enough to take adult responsibility.  Don’t enable.  Don’t let their actions take control of your life.  Even God lets go of people that won’t heed His will-Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.  Don’t make yourself crazy with worry over their behavior.  Pray- let go & let God handle it.  Raising kids is not for the faint of heart.  You have to be strong & have a load of self confidence, or it will really wear.you.out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are kids that are raised right, that stay on the right path.  And my kids aren’t the only ones that do crazy stuff.   I said that to my Daddy one day.  I asked, “What did I do wrong?  What could I have done different?”  He simply said, “Do you remember Adam & Eve? Well, God was their parent.  If He could not make His kids act right, what makes you think you can?”  Thank you Daddy, for nailing it every time.  I like to refer back to Proverbs 22:6 in hopes that one day, it will click for them.

So, the next time that toddler throws up on you, or that school age kid gets a red dot for acting bad, or that high schooler smashes their car in to something– Just remember you have a few more years until they are 18.  Then I can stand up, clear my throat & say, “Welcome to raising college age kids, we’ve been waiting for you.”  And then give a “Muuwahhaaa!!” witch like laugh.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I have loved visiting with you.  I have to be going now because I should be washing clothes.

H54F High Five For Friday! WHOO HOO!

I cannot say enough how glad I am that it is Friday!  It did not come soon enough.  I hope everybody had a great week.  The weather was a little cooler, here, in Mississippi.  However, today is supposed to be in the 80s (Fall, please come back anytime you get ready).  Here is my High Five For Friday- hope you enjoy it:

Miss Neenee picked out her 1st pair of glasses

Miss Neenee came home from school saying she could not see the board.  Since I have diagnosed her as a hypochondriac a long time ago, I thought, “We will see.” (No pun intended).  I made her an eye doctor appointment, short story is she was right, I was wrong.  She picked out her 1st pair of glasses.  She is so excited to be nearsighted!  Probably the most amazing thing that’s happened to her all year, (to hear her tell it).

Our Bible class door that Miss Neenee & I created

Our Bible class door needed some decoration.  Miss Neenee & I came up with this (which I really stole from Pinterest).  Our friend, Mrs. Cindy Lou Who, helped with some of the decorations, too. 🙂  note to self-maybe it’s not a good idea to talk about Bible class & stealing during the same post.

Red beans & rice

You know it could not be my H54F without something good to eat.  This week I made red beans & rice.  They were so yummy.  With the cool weather, I love warm comfort food.  This was a slam dunk.

EA- stressed out, chemistry loathing, optometry majoring, hard working, Christian young lady

Yep, she’s as pretty on the inside, as on the outside, too!  This girl has had a week at college.  She is an optometry major, in her 1st semester.  She is not loving all the science right at the moment, but is going to make it work.  She holds down a part time job, & listen to this: She left yesterday, going on a mission trip with our church until Sunday.  Precious does not begin to cover it, for this sweet middle child of mine!

You said it Jayzee…..

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  I don’t care what problems I have, they can take a back seat until Monday!

I am linking in with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.  Go on over & see what’s happening.  I have met several new friends at her High Five For Friday link parties.  They are somewhat awesome!

So, what are your plans for this weekend??


Yes, Carrie Underwood, we all know you have amazing thighs, so you are welcome to put them away….

I was watching the Country Music Awards last night, when low & behold here comes Carrie Underwood.  Her singing was amazing.  She was sure to entertain.  Especially, since she had on her shorts, baring her legs, again.  We saw her knockout legs on her video “Remind Me” with Brad Paisley.  And her “Good Girl” video, and ….. get the picture??  Yes, Carrie Underwood, we all know you have amazing thighs, so you are welcome to put them away, at any time.  Seeing Carrie out there on stage, looking gorgeous makes me feel like any other red blooded American woman.  Well, mad.  You see while sitting there in the living room watching all 72inches of Miss Carrie, with me, was my husband & my 8 year old daughter. My husband was all glassy eyed, staring at the t.v.  My 8 year old daughter said, “Mama, her thighs are so pretty.”  It’s not that I am not trying my best to keep my daughter from having body issues, as it is.  Now, I have a gigantic perfectly bodied singing woman standing there in front of us.  That’s a lot to try to live up to. There’s not many women out there that are as beautiful & talented.  And here she is making the rest of us look bad.  I mean what she has going on is almost unrealistic.

My friend SC a little something to post about on Facebook about Miss Underwood:

So I’m surfing through fb on my lunch and see a video of the cma fest preview.  I love carrie underwood. I loved her voice from the first audition. However, for once I would love to just watch her sing without having to stare at her thighs… While she balances on stilts to make them look more pronounced. All the while feeling like I am the most inadequate woman alive. We get it… She looks amazing. Now put em away. Okay… I’m going back to my tortilla crusted fish lean cuisine now….

I am glad God doesn’t have an unrealistic view of beauty.  He wants us to be more beautiful on the inside.   He wants us to have a clean heart.  In Psalms 51:10 it reads: Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me.  He wants love for one another, inside our hearts.  John 15: 17 These things I command  you that you love one another.  He wants us to have the fruit of the Spirit, as well.  Galatians 5: 22-23  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self control.  Against such there is no law.

Remember God does not look at a person, the same way we do.

I Samuel 16:7 …For the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

 I just want to make it clear, I am not bashing Carrie Underwood.  I think she is a very lovely young lady. I am just thankful God doesn’t care what my thighs look like.  I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me today.  I have to be going now, because I should be washing clothes.
***Special thanks to my bud SC for letting me use her Facebook post!!!

I have become everything I ever made fun of ….serves me right.

Used to I made fun of people that couldn’t see.  I never could figure it out.  Why in the world would you be able to see something better by looking at small print held way out, an arm length in front of you?  I used to laugh at these people… used to.

Used to I made fun of people who were forgetful.  I mean, how could you forget how old your kids are, what grade they are in, when their birthdays are… their names??  How could you go to the grocery store, fill your buggy up past load capacity, rounded over, & hard to see over the top- then get to the check out only to remember, you left your debit card at home?  In any event, what would be the possibility of having an excited little girl in Girl Scouts- who lived for the once a week meetings to have fun & play & do all the perfectly wonderful Girl Scoutish stuff, then have a Mom who forgets to send the snack?  I used to make fun of these people…used to.

Used to I made fun of people who were turning 40.  Really? 40 is just a number! Get over it!  It’s not like you haven’t got lots of productive years to come.  What’s the big deal?  Just the other day at the doctor’s office, while I was in for my yearly exam- the nurse said, “How old are you?”  “40.”, I say.  She asked, “ Did they schedule you for a mammogram today?” “What??”  I gasped.  She just smiled a big ‘ol smile & said, “Welcome to 40.”  40 has panicked me a little.  However, I have learned from a dear friend that a lot of prayer & a lot of Paxil is the key to keeping your sanity.:)  I used to make fun of these people…used to.

Used to I made fun of people who had gained a little weight through out the years.  Seriously, just do some exercises, cut back on your portion sizes, at meal times.  It’s not that hard.   This was until I got cable t.v. in my bedroom & candy to eat while lying in bed, watching my favorite t.v. shows.  And a desk job.  And a metabolism of a 40 year old.  I used to make fun of these people.. used to.

Used to I made fun of people that had unruly children.  Every time I would see someone with kids running a muck or parents at a function that could not tell you exactly where their kids were at that particular moment, I would think- what horrible parents.  If I heard of a child taking a permanent marker & drawing on their brother’s bed, why did the parents not have that marker put up where the kid couldn’t get it?   Or if a child was taking their healthy lunch to school, because they were having some weight issues, only to find out that kid was standing up at their lunch table announcing what disgusting thing they had in their lunch bag that day to trade it for cookies & pudding & whatever sugary snack they could get out of the other kids. Well, that’s all just a reflection on the sorry upbringing by the parents.  Used to this would disgust me…used to.

All of the aforementioned, I am super guilty of.  I thought you got wiser as you got older.  I was so looking forward to that wisdom.  Only to find I will be the crazy cat lady who wears 2 different shoes, has the flat spot on the back of her hair, because she can’t see to comb it, who thinks the blue hair dye is really gray & talks to her collection of dolls, as if they were children.  I may be exaggerating a little bit ( I don’t really care for cats).  If you relate to any of this, you know most importantly, laughter will get you through…And if it doesn’t try an antidepressant.  So, now I have become everything I ever made fun of. Serves me right.   If you have a funny story about things you used to make fun of, I would love to hear it.  I have to be going for now, because I should be washing clothes!

Happy Father’s Day

Aaaahhh!  Father’s Day! A day to remember our Fathers or those who have been like a Father to us.  I have had such terrific Father like influences in my life.  My Daddy is just wonderful & always has been.  My Father-in-law was such an incredible example of graciousness & love.  My grandfathers were quite something.  They were both different, however, loved us so much.  My brother is a remarkable person.  He is so maternal with his kids.  It’s like he knows exactly what to do & when to do it.  A symbol of true & down to earth parenting at it’s best.  Now, I want to tell you about another Daddy.  That’s my husband.  He is kind, persevering, loyal, & always the one we all come to when we need help.  He has a great sense of humor, which, aids him in being a part of our family.  Read on.

When Miss Neenee was about 4 ½ years old, she could be quite the handful.  (But hardly a match for her Dad).  One Sunday night, after church, I was cooking supper. KK & EA were sitting at the bar talking.  The hubs & Miss Neenee were arguing back & forth about something.  All of a sudden Miss Neenee spouts off to their Dad, “You’re not the boss of me!”  In which the hubs said, “I am too.”  Before anyone could say Ninja Karate, Miss Neenee spins around, with her feet planted & her fists up in a stance & says, “I’ll beat your *&% !”  Well, my mouth dropped open, because not only do I not say things like this in front of her, cussing is strongly discouraged with anybody at my house.  KK & EA burst into laughter & her Dad took her into the living room.  That’s when Miss Neenee starts crying.  She wailed, “Are you gonna call the ‘leece?” (police)  Her Dad said, “Why would I call the police?”  Miss Neenee cries, “Because when somebody gets beat up, they call the ‘leece!”  Perhaps too much reality t.v. For her, but you know.  Her Dad handled it like a pro- laughing hysterically, the biggest part of the time.

Here are some situations he has asked to intervene on:

“Daddy! Tell him to quit beating the bongos!  It’s driving me insane!”

“Daddy! Tell her to she has to change clothes!  I am not going to school dressed like my little sister!”

“Daddy! It looks like someone scrubbed the toilet with my toothbrush!”

“Dad, I gotta question.”

He has done the drop off & pick up the kids in the car line, thing.  Once, when Neenee was about 5 yrs old he dropped three of the older kids off at school.  A teenage boy walked by the truck & looked in the window as he passed by.  Miss Neenee said, “Daddy! That boy was checkin’ me out!”

He always has always tucked us in.  One night he went to kiss Miss Neenee good night, she grabbed him by the collar & said, “C’mere cowboy!”  And firmly planted one on his lips.  Then she hollered, “Whew-hoo!”  That was when she had been watching too much Toy Story.

He has always been there for all of us. Thanks to my hubby for being just so darn great.  Happy Father’s Day to you!  You are my sweetie!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fantastic men out there!  I am so glad you stopped by for a visit.  I have to go now, because I should be washing clothes!

What I want to be when I grow up- take 15

So, my 8 year old Miss Neenee announced to me Saturday, again, “I know what I want to be when I grow up.”
“Really?” I say, “What would that be?” Typically it’s a doctor, actress, veterinarian, dancer, etc.,.
“I want to be a pharmacist.” she said.
“That sounds nice.” I say wondering if she actually knows what she’s talking about.
“Yeah,” she begins, “You know they mix up medicines & hand them out to sick people. That’s the way they help them.”
Hmmmm, well how about that?
“You do know you will have to go to Ole Miss.”, I say.
“I thought about that.” she replies very matter of factly. ” I just don’t think if you go to Ole Miss, you have to be for Ole Miss. But I want to go there, because that’s where my family goes.”
I did not know if we were having a Michael Oher & Leigh Ann Tuohy moment or what… I suppose some of the Mississippi State brainwashing is just something we have to deal with being from the South!

Lessons from my youngest

One Sunday night, several years ago, we had gotten home from church. I pulled into the garage, so tired, from a full day. I had 6 kids with me. (Mine & 1 other!). Needless to say, it was total chaos.

As I got out of the truck, Miss Neenee (who was 4 years old, at the time) said, “Can I go outside & blow my bubbles?” I said, “Sure,” knowing that she would just be a few steps away from me, out on the sidewalk. I finished cleaning everything out of my truck & went inside the house. About 10 minutes went by & my teenage son brought Miss Neenee back to my bedroom ,where I was at.

He said, “Do you know where she was? Outside ringing the doorbell! You left her outside!” It was summertime & her face was hot & bright red. She was mad. I got down on my knees & hugged her.

I said, “I am so sorry! I would NEVER leave you outside by yourself!” In which she returned, “Yeah, but you just did.”
Point made……