H54F High Five For Friday! WHOO HOO!

I cannot say enough how glad I am that it is Friday!  It did not come soon enough.  I hope everybody had a great week.  The weather was a little cooler, here, in Mississippi.  However, today is supposed to be in the 80s (Fall, please come back anytime you get ready).  Here is my High Five For Friday- hope you enjoy it:

Miss Neenee picked out her 1st pair of glasses

Miss Neenee came home from school saying she could not see the board.  Since I have diagnosed her as a hypochondriac a long time ago, I thought, “We will see.” (No pun intended).  I made her an eye doctor appointment, short story is she was right, I was wrong.  She picked out her 1st pair of glasses.  She is so excited to be nearsighted!  Probably the most amazing thing that’s happened to her all year, (to hear her tell it).

Our Bible class door that Miss Neenee & I created

Our Bible class door needed some decoration.  Miss Neenee & I came up with this (which I really stole from Pinterest).  Our friend, Mrs. Cindy Lou Who, helped with some of the decorations, too. 🙂  note to self-maybe it’s not a good idea to talk about Bible class & stealing during the same post.

Red beans & rice

You know it could not be my H54F without something good to eat.  This week I made red beans & rice.  They were so yummy.  With the cool weather, I love warm comfort food.  This was a slam dunk.

EA- stressed out, chemistry loathing, optometry majoring, hard working, Christian young lady

Yep, she’s as pretty on the inside, as on the outside, too!  This girl has had a week at college.  She is an optometry major, in her 1st semester.  She is not loving all the science right at the moment, but is going to make it work.  She holds down a part time job, & listen to this: She left yesterday, going on a mission trip with our church until Sunday.  Precious does not begin to cover it, for this sweet middle child of mine!

You said it Jayzee…..

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  I don’t care what problems I have, they can take a back seat until Monday!

I am linking in with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.  Go on over & see what’s happening.  I have met several new friends at her High Five For Friday link parties.  They are somewhat awesome!

So, what are your plans for this weekend??


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