High Five for Friday!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  I had a co-worker say- “Nothing messes up your Friday by realizing it’s only Tuesday.”  It’s been that kind of week for me!  Hope your week has been wonderful.  Keep reading while I give my High Five For Friday:

Miss Neenee had a birthday party.  It was a sleepover.

Sweet friends with the birthday girl

Happy 9th birthday to the Miss!

Miss Neenee got a Madagascar III movie for her birthday.  It included a Marty the zebra circus afro wig.  It got pretty wild around here.

Mr. Cutie Pants rockin’ the rainbow wig

Had a fall program at the Miss’s school.

Miss Neenee saying her “lines”. “Autumn is the time when animals & people prepare for winter.”

We had a Ladies Day at church.  It was called “How to be the Southern Belle God intended you to be.”

The Miss reading her scripture at Ladies Day

Some ladies & girls dressed the part!

Southern Belles & Old Fashioned dressed ladies & girls

I was trying to clean house one day, that Miss Neenee had a friend over.  They decided I needed a snack.  Miss Neenee made me a plate of marshmallows & Reeses Pieces.  Her friend made me a playdough cake. Both had cute little notes.  One note said “This is for you”.  The other said, “P.S. This is my cake”.   Made me smile.

Snack made for me by some sweet girls

Hopefully, everyone will have a great weekend & week next week.  I will be linking in with Lauren From My Grey Desk at her weekly link party.  Come on over & link in with your H54F, too.  It’s a wonderful way to catch up & see what everyone else has been doing all week.  So, what will you be doing this weekend??

4 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!!

  1. Love the wig! I have Madagascar 3 checked out from the library, but it did not come with the wig, unfortunately! (or fortunately? maybe I wouldn’t want a wig worn my countless other people!)

  2. Oohhh How sweet are those!! Looks like the party was a hit, and the snack looks just fantastic! hehehe Enjoy your weekend dear. I’m putting up Christmas decorations this weekend and going to a basketball game.

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