I have become everything I ever made fun of ….serves me right.

Used to I made fun of people that couldn’t see.  I never could figure it out.  Why in the world would you be able to see something better by looking at small print held way out, an arm length in front of you?  I used to laugh at these people… used to.

Used to I made fun of people who were forgetful.  I mean, how could you forget how old your kids are, what grade they are in, when their birthdays are… their names??  How could you go to the grocery store, fill your buggy up past load capacity, rounded over, & hard to see over the top- then get to the check out only to remember, you left your debit card at home?  In any event, what would be the possibility of having an excited little girl in Girl Scouts- who lived for the once a week meetings to have fun & play & do all the perfectly wonderful Girl Scoutish stuff, then have a Mom who forgets to send the snack?  I used to make fun of these people…used to.

Used to I made fun of people who were turning 40.  Really? 40 is just a number! Get over it!  It’s not like you haven’t got lots of productive years to come.  What’s the big deal?  Just the other day at the doctor’s office, while I was in for my yearly exam- the nurse said, “How old are you?”  “40.”, I say.  She asked, “ Did they schedule you for a mammogram today?” “What??”  I gasped.  She just smiled a big ‘ol smile & said, “Welcome to 40.”  40 has panicked me a little.  However, I have learned from a dear friend that a lot of prayer & a lot of Paxil is the key to keeping your sanity.:)  I used to make fun of these people…used to.

Used to I made fun of people who had gained a little weight through out the years.  Seriously, just do some exercises, cut back on your portion sizes, at meal times.  It’s not that hard.   This was until I got cable t.v. in my bedroom & candy to eat while lying in bed, watching my favorite t.v. shows.  And a desk job.  And a metabolism of a 40 year old.  I used to make fun of these people.. used to.

Used to I made fun of people that had unruly children.  Every time I would see someone with kids running a muck or parents at a function that could not tell you exactly where their kids were at that particular moment, I would think- what horrible parents.  If I heard of a child taking a permanent marker & drawing on their brother’s bed, why did the parents not have that marker put up where the kid couldn’t get it?   Or if a child was taking their healthy lunch to school, because they were having some weight issues, only to find out that kid was standing up at their lunch table announcing what disgusting thing they had in their lunch bag that day to trade it for cookies & pudding & whatever sugary snack they could get out of the other kids. Well, that’s all just a reflection on the sorry upbringing by the parents.  Used to this would disgust me…used to.

All of the aforementioned, I am super guilty of.  I thought you got wiser as you got older.  I was so looking forward to that wisdom.  Only to find I will be the crazy cat lady who wears 2 different shoes, has the flat spot on the back of her hair, because she can’t see to comb it, who thinks the blue hair dye is really gray & talks to her collection of dolls, as if they were children.  I may be exaggerating a little bit ( I don’t really care for cats).  If you relate to any of this, you know most importantly, laughter will get you through…And if it doesn’t try an antidepressant.  So, now I have become everything I ever made fun of. Serves me right.   If you have a funny story about things you used to make fun of, I would love to hear it.  I have to be going for now, because I should be washing clothes!

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