Happy Father’s Day

Aaaahhh!  Father’s Day! A day to remember our Fathers or those who have been like a Father to us.  I have had such terrific Father like influences in my life.  My Daddy is just wonderful & always has been.  My Father-in-law was such an incredible example of graciousness & love.  My grandfathers were quite something.  They were both different, however, loved us so much.  My brother is a remarkable person.  He is so maternal with his kids.  It’s like he knows exactly what to do & when to do it.  A symbol of true & down to earth parenting at it’s best.  Now, I want to tell you about another Daddy.  That’s my husband.  He is kind, persevering, loyal, & always the one we all come to when we need help.  He has a great sense of humor, which, aids him in being a part of our family.  Read on.

When Miss Neenee was about 4 ½ years old, she could be quite the handful.  (But hardly a match for her Dad).  One Sunday night, after church, I was cooking supper. KK & EA were sitting at the bar talking.  The hubs & Miss Neenee were arguing back & forth about something.  All of a sudden Miss Neenee spouts off to their Dad, “You’re not the boss of me!”  In which the hubs said, “I am too.”  Before anyone could say Ninja Karate, Miss Neenee spins around, with her feet planted & her fists up in a stance & says, “I’ll beat your *&% !”  Well, my mouth dropped open, because not only do I not say things like this in front of her, cussing is strongly discouraged with anybody at my house.  KK & EA burst into laughter & her Dad took her into the living room.  That’s when Miss Neenee starts crying.  She wailed, “Are you gonna call the ‘leece?” (police)  Her Dad said, “Why would I call the police?”  Miss Neenee cries, “Because when somebody gets beat up, they call the ‘leece!”  Perhaps too much reality t.v. For her, but you know.  Her Dad handled it like a pro- laughing hysterically, the biggest part of the time.

Here are some situations he has asked to intervene on:

“Daddy! Tell him to quit beating the bongos!  It’s driving me insane!”

“Daddy! Tell her to she has to change clothes!  I am not going to school dressed like my little sister!”

“Daddy! It looks like someone scrubbed the toilet with my toothbrush!”

“Dad, I gotta question.”

He has done the drop off & pick up the kids in the car line, thing.  Once, when Neenee was about 5 yrs old he dropped three of the older kids off at school.  A teenage boy walked by the truck & looked in the window as he passed by.  Miss Neenee said, “Daddy! That boy was checkin’ me out!”

He always has always tucked us in.  One night he went to kiss Miss Neenee good night, she grabbed him by the collar & said, “C’mere cowboy!”  And firmly planted one on his lips.  Then she hollered, “Whew-hoo!”  That was when she had been watching too much Toy Story.

He has always been there for all of us. Thanks to my hubby for being just so darn great.  Happy Father’s Day to you!  You are my sweetie!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fantastic men out there!  I am so glad you stopped by for a visit.  I have to go now, because I should be washing clothes!

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