I grew up where God, family, & a small town life was very important.  I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license, so I could “make a loop” through town with my friends.  I was a P.K. (preacher’s kid).  By my standard’s I wasn’t the rottenest apple in the the bunch. However, I probably could have made my parents happier if I had of acted better & made less mistakes.  My mama died when I was 30 & I thought I had died, too.  But life goes on in the craziest of times.  I love my husband, my kids, & my grandbabies.  I love Jesus!  Which may sound kinda corny.  I have always gone to church.  It’s a good thing, too.  Many times I am the one needing forgiveness more than anyone.  I try to pray a lot.  It is medicine for the soul.  One of the things I am most proud of is that God allowed me to be born Southern.   And as always, I will be sharing a lot of thoughts with you, while I should be washing clothes! 

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  1. Howdy howdy Miss Karen, you are just a doll rolled up in a blanket of joy chile, I’ve been on this Earth 87 years and I love to read anything, but mostly the Bible. Honey yo little bleep is something one of my younger 60 year old friends showed me a while ago down here in Yazoo, Mississippi at the Rolling Fork Church of Christ (mainstream). My mousing hand gets a little tight but I click on you several times a month and hoo me ain’t you and all your doins are just a hot mess chile.There is a reason here why Ima writing to you honey.

    Honey that little picture with the verse on it is from the NIV version. Lawd did I just write that???
    They’re gonna git me but they will git over it. That’s where your verse came from chile.Honey King James liked to read his own bible, and so do I, and for all I can tell Mr. King and I had quite a different background in speaking and ciphering words out. So a long time ago I got my bookshelf to include the good ole American Standard Bible as well as the Revised Standard Version. Honey the boys at the big schools always said these versions is more ciphered rightly to the Greek talk they commenced back in them days, even though I understand Jesus spoke in Aramaic, it is still carried t’over in the Greek. And I and you all should too take a look at this here business cause the more you look at the more it helps. And all that there business of “awe the NIV is liberaI” aint’ worth a hoot, it’s bad rasin’ honey to try and put that on a group of the Lords blessed Ima tell you honey. I always saw the one’s sayin’ that didn’t know their Greek no way, and the people that’s all PH and Deed up ain’t trying to do nothing but make a good Bible, Lord love em, they ain’t trying to bring the holocaust chile, them is smart boys, I know cause my third son Winston is one of em, PH and D from Ole Miss and all you know, not too bright sometimes though and always a bit on the puny side just like his daddy my second husband Sterling.
    Good family in shipping from the Mississippi Gulf Coast you know.

    Anyhoo, chile don’t fall in with all that “oh lawd you can only read one version” business, I can choose my own Biblin’ and word ciphering with the Strongs. Alotta them smarties don’t even know the Greek anyhoo there just lookin for people to thank they know a bunch about all cipherin out the Greek like they be all critics and such, but they ain’t. You know who can choose a good version and talk on the big phone about it and git yourself straight, YOU chile.

    Well sorry for ramblin on like that honey chile, you is just so good with your writing, you need to write a book sometime and just whip up a big hoot in the world chile, I think it would sho nuff stick to the insides of them that was a blessed to cipher it out right, what with all your complex sociatical views of life and what not. Somebody in your family had some high fallutin’ schoolin. I hope it was either Ole Miss or some fine school of preaching.

    Miss Maxine T Brazelton-Cotterfield-Hogan
    (honey I’ve buried some husbands, RIP, but lawd my last husband
    Beauregard was the finest of the bunch, cotton family from Laurel, Bye hon)

  2. Hi, kstrict7,
    I found your site from Pinterest. I never just wander onto a website and find myself feeling ‘connected’, until tonight. I miss my Mom too. I went to your website because….I just really like the name! So cute, and I know the feeling…I should be washing clothes. I recall that was a never ending job while raising my girls. It just never ends, does it? It does slow way down when they are grown and raising their own babies. Love the smell of fresh laundry. Just a quick hello, now I’m off to explore your site. Have a great weekend. Karen

  3. Which version of the bible was used for the passage Philippians 4:6 about worrying. I like that post but couldn’t find it word for word in any translation.

  4. Hi. I found your blog and was wondering if I could ask what translation of the Bible you were using when you took a photo of the verse from Phil. about not working and giving everything to God. That was a great post! Thanks from bev@blossomandbev.com

    • Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me. I typically use the New King James version translation. However, if you know the title of the post or date, I would be just glad to go back & look at it.

      • The name of the post was : When You Get Tired of it All ” July 29, 2013

        I shared this with a few people and they keep asking me which translation it is from.
        I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for posting.

      • I actually got this scripture picture from Pinterest. I’ve had several people ask about the translation. Someone said they thought it was the Jerusalem Bible version. I have got to read that version just to confirm. However that’s what I’ve been told. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a blessed week!

    • Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog! When I wrote this about me I was thinking more about all the growing pains I had coming up. I was the kid that could not sit still in church. Me & my mama had a gig every Sunday outside the church house which always ended in a spanking. And my daddy was the preacher! And too, I was a smidge full of myself as a teenager. Thank goodness for grace & mercy from our Lord!

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