A cow with no horns

cows with no horns

“Mister, why doesn’t this cow have any horns?” asked the young lady from a nearby city, on a trip to the country.

The farmer kinda had a funny look on his face, for a moment.  He then began in a very patient tone. “Well ma’am cattle can do a powerful lot of damage with horns.  Sometimes, we keep’em trimmed down with a hacksaw.  Other times we can fix up the young’uns by puttin’ a couple of drops of acid where their horns would grow in, and that stops’em cold.  Still, there are some breeds of cattle that never grow horns,” the farmer continued.  “But the reason this cow don’t have no horns, ma’am, is ’cause it’s a horse.”

Have you ever felt misunderstood?  I know I have.  Sometimes I feel like no one could ever understand how I feel about certain things in my life.  My kids, my family, my church- these are all things I have a particular emotional tie to.  I feel like there are times that it’s hard to put into words my love, my attempts of caring, and my concern.  When my college age daughter doesn’t answer her phone, it may be something as simple as she’s in a spot with no service or she’s driving.  I start to worry.  And by the time I do talk to her, I may be a tad impatient.  (By a tad, I mean a gigantic frenzy of WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU BEEN DOING??)  She & I may be a little misunderstood with each other at that moment.  She doesn’t seem to  know what all the hoopla is about.  I don’t know why she has to be so nonchalant about my hissy fit.  In the end, we agree, that if I did not love her & care about her well being, it would not matter if she answered her phone or not.  We may sometimes misunderstand each other.  However, there is One that is always here to understand us.  All we have to do is trust.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord, with all your heart. And lean not on your own understanding.  v.6 In all your ways acknowledge Him & He shall direct your paths.

I hope that if you feel misunderstood, that you will seek out the understanding that God gives us.  He can love us & be there for us like no other.  There is nothing that can fill the God shaped void in one’s life, but God himself.  I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me today.  I love it when you drop by.  Until next time,  I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes….

The funny cow story was taken from a ‘House to House Heart to Heart’ bulletin.  You can visit them at www.housetohouse.com

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