High Five for Friday

Happy Friday to all my peeps!  This has been one more week.  My grandson had surgery yesterday.  He will be 17 months old the 26th of this month.  He did well & hopefully will come home from the hospital soon.  With that said, I have been stressed out a wee bit- just thinking about what that little sweetie would be going through.  I have had some good happenings, though.  Without further delay here is my high five for Friday:

Miss Neenee taking a bowl down the lane.

Miss Neenee taking a bowl down the lane.

Got to take Miss Neenee & one of her friends bowling.  They had a great time.  I always have fun with those two!

Le Bijou earrings

Le Bijou earrings

Scored these beautiful Le Bi’jou earrings from my honey.  They came from a local store & a local person made them.  Love at 1st sight.


It would probably be pretty safe to say these 2 love to lick the beaters & spoon when we make a cake.  It would be a toss up on who loves it the most.

Science fair project extraordinaire

Science fair project extraordinaire

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMiss Neenee did a science fair project.   It was on how to keep your hot chocolate the hottest.  It was a cute project.  She was bummed that she did not place.  When her sister picked her up from school & heard the sad story of her “honorable mention”- she promptly drove her to the nearest nail salon & got her a pedicure.  So thankful for my older girl’s being so SWEEEEEETTTT! 🙂


Making hot tamales

Making hot tamales

Hot tamales ready to cook

Hot tamales ready to cook

Made some hot tamales one night. They were mighty taste.  Wish ya’ll had some.

There you have it.  Crazy as the pictures are.  I promise one day I will conquer WordPress, if it’s the last thing I ever do.  Hope you all had a good week.  Not too much longer until we start with 5k’s again.  March 2nd is the 1st one for me this year.  I am trying to get ready.  I will be doing more walking here in the next week.  Go on over to Lauren from my grey desk & link in with her blog party.  We have the best time on Fridays!  So, what are your plans this weekend??

high five


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