High Five For Friday!

January has sure been a month of ups & downs weather wise. We have had some warm weather then, cold, freezing rain/sleet/snow (though not much). Here we are at the LAST Friday in January! What will February bring?? Until then, let’s give a High Five For Friday.

Chocolate covered strawberries (homemade)

Chocolate covered strawberries (homemade)

These were my 1st attempt at those delectable chocolate covered strawberries you see everywhere, this time of year.  I was going to make them closer to Valentine’s Day.  But what the hey, there’s no time like the present!  They tasted pretty good…



One of my co-workers is such a wonderful inspiration, when it comes to health & fitness.  You can visit her awesome blog at www.thewhitedish.wordpress.com   She often times has news of what she has been doing to keep fit.  One of the dishes she has been talking about is quinoa.  She inspired me to try my own version of quinoa.  This is roasted red pepper & basil (that I doctored up just a wee bit).  It was all good & healthy, though.  This was a delicious dish & truly a much needed break-thru in my substandard regular diet! (See chocolate strawberries above, which is fruit, so, in reality, it could be classified as moderately healthy.  I said could be…)

Cleaning service arrived!

Cleaning service arrived!

My favorite cleaning service was in the house this week.  Not only does he sweep, he cleans the toliet, empties out my cabinets, throws lots of stuff in the garbage, & can dust the coffee table in his socks.  We may or may not tell his parents about all the great things he does each visit.  That way, they may or may not let him keep coming back.


Saw some sunshine this week

Saw some sunshine this week

On the drive in to school & work one morning, saw a rare sight.  Little bit of sunshine.

My 1st 5k of the year will be at Jay Bird Park

My 1st 5k of the year will be at Jay Bird Park

So excited about my 1st 5k of the year.  It will be at Jay Bird Park.  My friend Jen said she was gonna get us signed up.  Can’t wait to get out there & begin racing, this year!

I hope everybody’s week was good.  If not, there are still a few more to go in 2013!  I will be linking in with Lauren from my grey desk.  Come on over to the link party!  We always have a fantastic time!

Link in with Lauren!  You will be glad you did!

Link in with Lauren! You will be glad you did!






5 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Thanks for stopping by!! Those chocolate covered strawberries are making me hungry now! Quinoa just looks way too healthy for me to eat. I eat quinoa pasta. It’s delicious and seems less crunchy to me 🙂

    • This quinoa actually has brown rice in it. I bought it that way, unbenownst to me. It was good, however!I have never tried quinoa pasta. I will have to do that. Thanks for visiting my blog.:)

    • Well, I must admit, I always say “doing a 5k” because I briskly walk, most of the time. Except that time I did one in the POURING rain. The rain obviously held me back. Oh yeah, that & the fact I could not see where I was going. 🙂 Yes, the cleaning service is pretty dear to my heart. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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