High Five For Friday

Here we are again, giving another High Five For Friday. I hope your week has been great! Mine has been filled with work, church things, & kids (normal stuff!) Oh yeah! And we had a visitor called SNOW for about 5 minutes. Really, in northeast Mississippi, it hardly ever makes an appearance. But when it does, watch out Piggly Wiggly! All the bread & milk will be gone in a split second. Without further delay- here is my High Five For Friday.

Stila eyeshadow

Stila eyeshadow

Not real sure how I ever got by without this, but grant you, I never will again.  Pretty sure I am in love.

What happens at my aunt's house, stays at my aunt's house......

What happens at my aunt’s house, stays at my aunt’s house……

Miss Neenee put this shirt on Mr. Sweetie Pants after his bath.  He was too cute in it.  And he knows being with his aunt Neenee is the BEST place on earth!

My new Sandra Lee salt & pepper shakers

My new Sandra Lee salt & pepper shakers

I needed (so badly) a new salt & pepper shaker set.  I found this one at my local K-mart.  You can flip the blue & green top thingys down to close them.  If you are wondering what’s in the salt, it’s rice.  We have to do that to keep the salt from sticking together, here in the land of high humidity! 🙂

Bacon cheeseburger with cheddar cheese & seasoned fries YUM!

Bacon cheeseburger with cheddar cheese & seasoned fries YUM!

Thursday night grilled!  Love our Thursday night grill night.  So happy it runs year ’round!

Making compost

Making compost

Miss Neenee came home all excited one day this week.  She went on & on about how they were learning how to recycle & put good things back in the earth.  Apparently, the teacher was teaching about compost.  Apparently, we are now making our own compost in the kitchen.  Apparently.

This pretty much sums up my feelings about the weather this week.  Oh well, better luck next time.

I hope everyone is having a terrific Friday.  I will be linking up with Lauren from my grey desk.  There is a happening link party there every week.  Super fun!  I have made several friends just by linking in.  You should link in, too!  Until next time I am yelling, HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!

Link in with Lauren!  You will be glad you did!

Link in with Lauren! You will be glad you did!





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