Super Bowl ponderings- Has anybody thought about the Harbaugh boys’ Mama?

Unless you live under a rock, somewhere without any media influence, or are just so unplugged & unconcerned that you have nary a clue….you know that Sunday is the Super Bowl. All the excitement is filling the air. Commercials are on t.v. People are talking about it on the radio. The internet is a buzz with the anticipation of the most important football game of the year. Even people, like me, who really don’t give a hoot who wins- gets in the camaraderie of things. (We are doing our 1st official Super Bowl couch gating this time! Soooo looking forward to the food!) I will be making some tasty dishes from Christy at http://www.  Football fans everywhere are asking themselves, will I root for the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers? And to top it off, the coaches of each respected team, are BROTHERS.

Super Bowl coaches are brothers!

Super Bowl coaches are brothers!

I was thinking about the wonderful time the Super Bowl is for folks, & I realized, we should be ashamed of ourselves. In the scheme of things there’s happiness & anticipation. However, did anybody consider how the Harbaugh’s Mama was going to be feeling about all of this? Bless her heart. She must be in the worst of predicaments, as a mother. Being from the South, it’s just natural to love & hold our mamas in high regard. So, when I first heard the coaches were brothers, well a plethora of questions came to mind: Who will she cheer for? Will she wear 49’er or Raven colors? When one team leads another, will she be excited? Does she have a favorite son? How does she pray for her son’s team to win, when she has a son on each playing team? Will this not make things a smidge awkward the next time they get together for dinner? I mean, she wants to be happy for one son, but can’t really show it or it will make the other one jealous, thus creating a hostile home environment for the Harbaugh’s at the least? I wonder if the Harbaugh boys ever considered what this might do to their mama?

Haubaugh parents- with sons & other family member

Harbaugh parents- with sons & other family member

All of this going around in my head made me do a little research, to see what Mama Harbaugh thought. I do not personally know Mrs. Harbaugh, so I did what anyone would have done- looked it up on the internet. Because the internet only reports the truth, right? From the USA Today article, I read, it seems like the Harbaugh’s have it all dealt with. Jack & Jackie Harbaugh, parents of Jim & John Harbaugh, gave a press conference regarding their 2 boys. (That was thoughtful of them.)
Parents Jack and Jackie, both in their 70s, live in the Milwaukee area. They won’t be wearing 49ers red or Ravens purple. You win some, you lose some – in bowling terms, they’re guaranteed a split. They got a taste of it in 2011 when the Ravens beat the 49ers in the regular season.
“That thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and on Sunday night we’re going to experience both of those great emotions,” says Jack.
“We’re going to hug both of them,” Jackie says.

Are those two not the Cat’s meow? That is truly a wonderful way to look at all of this. Precious.

So how do you get 2 sons in such an incredible place in life? This is what Jim Harbaugh said of his Dad:
“When we were growing up, my dad would play catch with us, he would take us to games, and most of all he believed in us. We grew up just like him,” Jim says.

This reminds me of what Proverbs 22:6 says: Train up a child in the way he should go & when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Daddy Harbaugh seems to know what it takes to make winners. Making his boys feel important to him.
You know, I was worried about Mrs. Harbaugh & what this Super Bowl was going to do about the relationships in her family. But, I think the Harbaugh parents have it all figured out. I am so happy. All of that competition could be a real mess for them. One more thing to think about, Jay, which is Jim’s son is an intern for his Uncle John. His own flesh & blood rooting for the opposing team. There’s another double edged sword to consider!
I hope you all have a terrific time watching the Super Bowl. I have to be going now, because I should be washing clothes.

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