I Found A Real Live Angel At The Consignment Store

You know how sometimes things just happen to you & you think-wow, there are nice people still in the world?  I had one of those moments Saturday. 

My youngest & I had a day out in town.  We ate lunch at a local drug store (they have the best burgers & fries).  And actually had dessert at another pharmacy. (No, there was no theme for the day- nor did we plan it that way!) We window shopped at a few stores downtown in our little corner of the world.  Local merchants really are the best.  I love the mall, however, I do not love the money it takes to shop at a mall. 

In recent years I have been all about getting a good deal.  If I feel like I have gotten a good deal I am really happy.  Thus, the reason we were rummaging around in my FAVORITE consignment store, on Saturday.  This consignment store has all kinds of things-furniture, dishes, books, clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.,.  You just never know what you may come across, that you have been looking for,& just have to have.  So I have set the stage so you will know what bliss I was in.  I took my “had to haves” to the counter & the nice lady rung up my findings.  Miss Neenee, who can behave wonderfully, when she wants to, came over to me & asked me if she could get a book. (For those of you reading this, that know us, I know you are thinking- “you mean the same girl that runs around like a wild Banchee Indian after each church service?”  Well, you have to understand as a kid, that acting, the way you are supposed to , at church, was a big problem for me.  So, she comes by it honest.)

Anyhow, this day, her manners were working impeccably & she was being really good. I let her put her $.50 cent book in with my bounty.  I paid & the lady gave me my sack.  She asked Miss Neenee, “Do you like jewelry?”  Of course the Miss got all brighted eyes & says, “Yes, ma’am.”  The lady said, “Well, I have something for you.”  She hands over a long black box that contained the prettiest amber colored beaded cross necklace & earrings. 

Beautiful necklace from the lady at the consignment store

I asked her, how much it was.  She said,” I want to give this to her.”  I about started crying.  You see, the lady looks to be about the age my Mama would be.  I have a “thing” that makes me sad- just knowing Miss Neenee is growing up without a living grandmother.  I was so close to my grandmothers & loved them more than anything.  I know how important it is for a little girl to have a grandmother to spoil her. When we come across kind people like this, it just melts my heart.

In Hebrews 13: 2 the Hebrew writer states- Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

I think that’s what happened to us Saturday.  We entertained an angel! 🙂  Have you ever had a wonderful experience like this?  I would love to hear about it.  Right now I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes…..

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