High Five for Friday!!

Thank goodness it’s Friday!!  It has been a long week!  I am excited to share with you some of the highlights of my week.

Welcome to Fairyville signs & playbill.

Sunday afternoon Miss Neenee had a friend over after church.  Thank goodness we are well versed in the arts around our house.:)  I enjoyed a 30 minute play called, “Welcome to Fairyville” starring, written, directed, chorographed, & costume designed by Miss Neenee & her friend.  They dressed as fairies, in tutus, danced, sang & entertained.  This was the ticket I had to have to “get in” the play.  These are some signs that were taped around the room.  What fairy town would not be complete without a mall & a gun shop??

Gooseberry yogurt-yummy y’all

Had a little Gooseberry yogurt with Miss Neenee.  It. was. amazing.  I can’t tell you how much fun it is to try to guess which flavor I am eating.  (Because I put some of all of it in my cup.)  What did we ever do without a do it yourself yogurt shop?

Best cheeseburgers in town! Downtown Borroum’s Drug Store

Got to eat some good food at the drug store.  If you are saying , “Who eats at a drug store??”  Has never had a cheeseburger from this place.  All the fountain drinks & milkshakes are made right in front of you.  Shut the front door tastiness.

My new initial earrings- in love.

So, when we were paying our check at Borroum’s, the young lady taking my money had on some lovely earrings similar to these.  I commented on how cute they looked on her & of course asked where she got them.  Come to find out, they came from a store, just down the street.  I went by there & these jumped out at me.  I know the girls at work are sick of seeing them this week.  It’s just so hard to take them off….

Chicken chili-a fall favorite

Last week someone commented on the taco soup I made.  They said they loved chicken chili.  I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I had to make some & it was delish!

Thank y’all for stopping by & sharing Friday with me!  I hope you all had a great week.  Until next time…. I have to go because I should be washing clothes!

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