Expiration date

As I was pouring a glass of milk, the other day, I looked at the expiration date.  Then, I thought, it seems like everything now a days, has an expiration date.  Soft drinks, medicine, even canned foods give dates of when they should be used by.  It also made me think–I even have an expiration date!  Of course, only God knows when that will be.  However, I must work dilligently for Christ, until I expire!  When I do expire, I will have a home with Jesus forever.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Just knowing the prize I strive for, makes me not be so concerned about my expiration date.  I must not get stale or sour before then.  I have to be serving the Lord by faith & my works. James 2:17 reads “….faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”  I can’t stop doing good, for any reason.  May we always be aware that we have an expiration date & be prepared at all times.

Revelation 2:10 …Be faithful until death & I will give you the crown of life.

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