Blog fever

I just want to say I am so excited about being here!  I have had blog fever for awhile, now.  I want to tell you a few things this blog will be.  I want to share with everyone about growing up in the South.  My brother & I stayed with my grandparents after school & in the summer.  You will hear about that.  I have written devotionals through out the years.  They tell of life experiences I have had.  I have 5 kids, a daughter- in- law & a new grandson.  You will be hearing about all of that, too.  There will be samplings of recipes I grew up on & lots of fun things I hope you will enjoy relating to.  I invite you to relish with me the love & laughter of being Southern & all it means to me.  So, stay tuned for tales from a Mississippi girl, random thoughts, & comforting words from my spiritual side.  And I type all of this while I should be washing clothes!

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