Teenage social lesson

My teenage daughter, EA, is so cool.  She always tries to see the good in people.  She is always willing to help a friend in need…..read on….

EA has a guy friend, at school, who is super smart.  However, lacks in friends.  She says he is a nice kid, just a little socially backwards.  Being the great friend she is, she has made an agreement with him.  If he will help her with Algebra, she will help him with his social skills.  Here is how it has gone so far…

EA to intelligent friend: “First, you know how you talk to people?  Well, yeah, you know, you are just gonna have to dumb it down a lot, because nobody understands what you are saying.  And, you know how you made a 34 on your ACT?  Well, years from now, it’s just not gonna matter.  And, right now, when you tell people, it’s just makin’ everybody mad.  So, I would quit talkin’ about that, too.”

Now, I think that’s pretty sound advice from one teenager to another!

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