September Scripture Writing Plan

Here we are again, making way for another month.  I know I am looking forward to fall & maybe some cooler temperatures.  Y’all know northeast Mississippi can get smothering, gasping for breath, can’t let the kids outside, pretty hot during this time of year.  Shannon over at Sweet Blessings has yet another great scripture writing plan for September.  She has been such a “sweet blessing” to me by letting me share this with you each month.

September Scripture Writing Plan 16 English

I hope you are having a wonderful week.  We are in full swing with school, church activities, basketball, band, and what have you. Can’t believe I have a baby turning 22 years old in September & a grandbaby turning 5.  My Dad also has a birthday September 1st.  He will be 72 years young.  And when I say young, I mean, when I called him the other day, he was out mowing his yard.  In the middle of the HOT day.  Can’t.Do.A.Thing.With.Him.  If you will remember, this is the same Daddy that was having mini strokes, back a few months ago.  Just glad he feels as good as he does.  Until next time I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes.

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