I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart

II Corinthians 7:4 …I am filled with comfort, I am exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation.

photo credit: gospelgifs.com

photo credit: gospelgifs.com

Do you ever get upset when something unwelcome happens in your life?  Why, a harsh comment, a financial problem, a sick loved one, a relationship that’s just not what it should be, an unruly child, dealing with addiction,*** any of these things can just take the friendly right out of you! It just seems like the weight of the world is hanging on our shoulders.  How could things be any worse?  How could anyone really understand?  Then, those feelings of woe, depression & anxiety begin to follow you around.  This week, I read about someone who loved problems.  He even said they made him really glad.  No, it’s not a man who’s cornbread wasn’t quite done, or who was a few bricks shy of a load.  It was the apostle Paul.

Do you think the apostle Paul a little “cooky” for finding troubles joyful?  I have to admit, joy is sure not my first knee jerk reaction, when problems come around in my life.  However, Paul had accomplished something we all should work toward.  He had trained his mind to see the good in all things.  He had made his thoughts so pure, that no negativity was going to enter in his mind, to rob his joy.  I kind of see it like a barrier, like a hedge around something.  You make joy the center of your mind. When troubles start to come in, bad thoughts don’t get past the barrier. They just sort of bounce off.  I think it would take a lot of prayer to keep that hedge up.  But, I truly believe, it can be done.  It’s all about what we practice & discipline ourselves to do.  We have to include God in it.  How else could it be done, than with the Lord’s help?

Have you ever come across someone who lives in the state of gloom & doom?  Where nothing is ever right?  The glass is always ½ empty. No one or thing has ever been created that could ever please them. Do you like being around people like that?  Don’t be one of those people!  Griping & nagging is not only not lady-like, it does not make you pretty (or most importantly Godly).  I hope this doesn’t describe you.

When it rains, look for the rainbow.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

And remember-life is only as good or miserable as you make it.

The apostle Paul was beaten, imprisoned, shipwrecked, stoned, and people did not want to believe what he said.  Goodness gracious!  What did he have to be happy about?  He had Jesus.  Sometimes things might get so rough, in our lives, Jesus might be the only thing we can see that’s good.  That’s o.k.  Because that’s all you need anyway.  You have choices in your life.  Choose joy!

Thank you for coming by to visit with me today.   You would not believe the clothes, I have piled up, that need folding.  It makes me think of how my friend refers to it as “Mount St. Laundry.”  Both my girls, that are still at home, are in school.  My husband & I typically enjoy wearing clean clothes, daily, as well.  That makes for lots of clothes changes.  I hope you have a good week.  Come back to see me, soon.  I have to be going now, because I should be washing clothes…..

photo credit: Naomi-cru.deviantart.com

photo credit: Naomi-cru.deviantart.com

***Small side note:  Up in the 1st paragraph, I make mention of several things, that could really upset your world.  On my first read over, I laughed out loud, when I realized I had actually listed dealing with addition, as one of those horrible things.  I did correct it.  However, am not so sure that for me, I did not have it right the 1st time!  To read more about my dislike of math, click here.

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