Women of Christ

photo credit: righthandedreader.tumblr.com

photo credit: righthandedreader.tumblr.com

God never ceases to amaze me. I mean, Lord have mercy.  Just right when I think nothing good in the world is happening. That’s when He just comes right in & shows me He is still working diligently in our lives. Today I want to tell you about how I met with a group of young ladies, that has started meeting,-to support each other in their journey with Christ.
It all started out when my 18 year old daughter told me about this Christian ladies devotional at a friend’s house.

She said, “ I really want you to go with me. I think it will be fun.” Not to be the one to skip any fun, I decided to be her date.

The speaker, at this 1st meeting, was a friend of my daughter’s. She is young, married, & works as a preschool teacher. On Wednesday night, at church, I asked her about this gathering, she said, “It’s just a group of ladies that wants to study the Bible & I’m going to hold the devo!” She was so excited & nervous. She made me excited!
When we arrived at the hostess’s house, with our plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies, there were several young ladies, already there. We went in, introduced ourselves around, & had a seat in the living room to socialize. Some other young ladies were preparing spaghetti & alfredo sauce. My daughter’s friend told us she had cooked special noodles, especially for my daughter, since my daughter does not love spaghetti noodles (Even her friends spoil her, lucky girl!). A dining room table held a display of salad with lots of topping options & dressings. Desserts were plentiful, too. In the meantime, there was lots of laughter & hugging & “I am so happy to see yous” going on.
After enjoying a meal together, we all settled down in the living room, kitchen, & some down the hall way, to listen to what our friend had to talk about. She had a wonderful devotional about prayer. She talked about how we need to be praying for each other & with each other. It was so thought provoking. She let us give our insight & comments. She also shared some personal experiences with us. It was really a good time, with good company. I walked away with some new goals in my own prayer life & some much needed fellowship with a wonderful group of young, Christian ladies.
We have decided to meet every 3rd Friday of the month. For the next several months, some very dear ladies have already volunteered opening up their homes to us for this fellowship. I am so encouraged that with everything going on in these ladies’ lives, some with children, some with husbands, some working, some being stay at home mothers, that they have the desire to further their relationship with Christ. They want to make their homes stronger & become stronger Christians. What family would not benefit from a Godly, mother, wife, or daughter? I am so anxious to see what marvelous things God has in store for this group of young , sweet, Christian ladies.
I don’t know if it’s just a Southern thing, or if it’s because my Daddy is a preacher. It just means the world to me, to be able to visit with Godly people & share a meal. We did a lot of that growing up. It’s just right up my alley! Nothing is more Southern than Jesus & food.  I am so glad you came by to visit with me today. Come back anytime. I have to be going now, because I should be washing clothes.
On a side note***At this particular event, I expressed my concern regarding how I was the oldest one there. (From my view point the age range was 18-30 years old.) My daughter’s friend, was so kind about my apprehension. She said, “You are young! There are ladies here who are not going to all be at the same place in their lives, even if they are close to the same age. I’m glad you’re here.” Then, she added me to the group on Facebook. So, I guess I’m pretty obligated, now. (Seriously, I think they are just letting me come because the don’t want to hurt my feelings. Hey-whatever works.)


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