High Five For Friday

Once again, a week down & here we are giving another, “High Five For Friday!”  I hope your week was wonderful!  Following is my H54F:

Happy Nearsighted Miss Neenee

Introducing the new & improved Miss Neenee!  What a great week to be in 3rd grade & to finally “see” what’s been happening. 🙂  I’m sorry, it’s not funny.  She can’t help it I am not a good listener.

 Miss Neenee & Mr. Sweetie at Green Market

Green Market is a place where local vendors set up with homemade items to sell.  It is once a month in our town.  They always have plenty of cute things to buy!  Had a great time last weekend.

Mr. Sweetie more interested in pumpkins than posing

Cute fall stuff

Green Market stands





Thursday night groceries


On Thursday night my husband grills.  This week it was pork tenderloin, cabbage, & sweet potatoes.  I will be eating left overs today.  It was that good.


Quesadilla casserole. Can you say that 5 times fast?

One night this week I made quesadilla casserole.  It was the 1st time I had made it. It turned out great & did not last long!








Sorry, I know everybody’s sick of hearing about the election.  But this is how I feel this week.

Hope you enjoyed my crazy H54F.  My blog was acting up- that’s why the pictures look so out of proportion & everywhere.  (Or could it be my techologically challenged self? Nah.)I hope you have a great Friday! Go on over to From My Grey Desk & link up with Lauren.  I have been linking in to her amazing party!  It is always a fun time!

What are your plans this weekend??

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