A little boy that could…..

Once upon a time a little baby boy was born.  1367A baby?? What are we going to do with a grandbaby?

1333His aunt said, I will feed him!  So, she did.

1393His aunt, Miss Neenee said, I will hold him.   So, she did.

1345Then, his other aunt, (whew! That’s a bunch of aunts!) said, all baby boys need to be so comfy they can stretch out their toes.  He needs to be comfy!  So, he was.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis baby turned one year old.  He was so happy!


This baby had the sweetest little heart.  Then, the doctors found out it was a special heart.  It had 3 tiny holes in it.  Well, that would never do.  The doctors said, “We have got to make this  heart, good, strong, & healthy”.  So, they did.


After that, the baby played & laughed & loved to be on his Aunt Neenee’s hip!  He was such a precious sight that no one could believe he had one more, teeny, tiny thing wrong.  One more time, the doctors said, “We have got to make sure this baby is perfectly perfect.”  So, once again, they did.  And that was today.  Mr. Sweetie Pants had another surgery.  And now, since God wants him to be big & strong & healthy He let him show the world the little strong trooper He meant for him to be.  Thank you God for healing this beautiful, loving, & delight of our lives baby boy.  (And his Grand-that’s me & Miss Neenee only cried a little.  By a little, I mean a lot. ) 

The end. 

I John 4:7 & 8 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God & knows God.  He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

High Five For Friday!! H54F

Alright!  Here it is.  My first “High Five For Friday”.  It is just a little something telling 5 things that have happened recently, that make me happy.  Hopefully, this will be one of many posts of this kind.  There are many other bloggers that also participate in this little party!  I will be hopefully linked in with “My Grey Desk” blog.  She has a list of other bloggers that give a “High Five For Friday”  Hope you love it!

Miss Neenee’s 3rd grade “Recycling Project”

1.  Miss Neenee had a “Recycling Project” to do using garbage (just phrasing what the note sent home said!) It is an owl bank.   We used a clothes detergent bottle.  She painted the front pink & the back turquoise.  We used a cut toliet paper roll & painted water bottle tops for the eyes, a painted milk jug top for the beak, trash bag twist ties for the wings & bow.  For the feet, we used thread spools painted yellow.  However, the Miss is holding the owl by the feet, so you can’t see it.  We had a good time making this for school.

Grandbaby bathing…

2.  Got to keep my grandbaby & of course he played in the sink!

Fried potatoes & fried okra (my favorite anything is fried!)

3.  My Daddy’s birthday was Saturday.  So, he came over Sunday after church & we pigged out on southern comfort food.  Fried potatoes & fried okra were on the menu.  Along with meatloaf, shells & cheese, deviled eggs, blackeyed peas, & cornbread..shut yo’ mouth!

Some good bedtime reading!

4. Everybody has to have some good bedtime reading.  Miss Neenee & I prefer Fancy Nancy (that’s fancy for would rather have).  If you read Fancy Nancy, you just totally got that last sentence. 🙂

Awesome Train C.D.

5.  Got this awesome Train c.d. from my hubs, just because.  He’s a keeper.

Hope everybody has a great Friday! H54F!