Things that make me happy

There are a few things that make me happy this time of year. Here are some of those in random order.

Making Christmas cookies with my grands.
 The kids and grands hanging around playing games.
 Christmas movies with my church family.
 Basketball! December starts basketball!

 Christmas candy. Lots.Of.Christmas.Candy.

Miss Neenee playing the trumpet in the Christmas parade.

Gracia our elf. She’s ALWAYS doing crazy stuff.

 Mr. Sweetie Pants at a Christmas parade saying,”Grand, take my picture beside this police car.”
 Our Griswold Christmas tree.
 Mr. Sweetie Pants riding on the “reindeer”.
 May Christmas be in your heart all year long. Love y’all like chocolate gravy and biscuits. Merry Christmas from I should be washing clothes.

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