Rearranging the furniture & you are at the right place

You know how it feels sometimes at your house, when you just need a change of scenery? The first thing I start doing is rearranging furniture. That’s exactly what I thought of as I was thinking of changing my blog page.

You are at the right place. This is “I should be washing clothes” the revised edition.

I know I get confused sometimes when I go to other blogs & they have changed. I think,

“Is this the same blog, I have been reading?”

I may be the only one that does that, but anyhow. Just so you all know. This is where you are supposed to be. Just had to do some Spring cleaning & changing around. Hopefully, you will like the new look. If you do, tell me! If you don’t tell me that, too.  Next, I think I will clean out my closets.  Well, I reckon I will study a little bit more on that one, before I dive right in.

Thanks for stopping by & always being a bright spot in my day. Just know I am thankful for you. I hope you don’t mind, that I have to go, because I should be washing clothes.

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