High Five for Friday

So glad today is Friday!  It has been one more week!  I hope all of you are having a great Friday.  I will be linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.  She has an awesome link party there every Friday.  It’s the place to be to give a High Five For Friday.  So, with no further delay here is my H54F:

What would October be without pumpkins?

We went, with a group of friends from church, to a heritage day at a plantation.  The weather was wonderful.  Yes, it was fall.  Yes, there were pumpkins.

Indian performing a native hoop dance

We saw Indians performing native dances.  This one was a hoop dance.  He made things like a butterfly, a bird, an alligator, & Mickey Mouse with the hoops.  It was entertaining.

Miss Neenee doin’ a little cotton pickin’

Miss Neenee found the cotton patch.  She was so happy that she got her bag filled up.  If this were for real & she had to do this, probably not that much fun!

RIde to work

If you can look past my dirty windshield, you will see some pretty amazing fall colors.  This is a little spot in the road on my drive in to work.  I have been wondering where fall was…looks like it’s on the side of the highway here.  It’s been warm in Mississippi this week.  However, looks like fall colors are here, so where’s the cool weather??

One 3rd grader’s pledge of alleigance to the flag

Each week Miss Neenee brings home papers for me to look at.  As I was thumbing through her work, this one caught my eye.  They were writing out the pledge of alleigance.  Her’s went as follows….and to the Republic for Riches stand….  Well, you can see above there were other slight misspellings, too.  I will be keeping this one for the scrapbook!
We have more fall activities planned for this weekend.  We are attending a girl scout fall gathering tonight, I have a 5k on Saturday, & Miss Neenee is going to a fall festival with a friend on Saturday, as well.  So, what are you doing this weekend??
Be sure to link in with Lauren!

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