What is a true friend?

What is a true friend?  One might say it’s someone who likes the same things I do.  Someone who “gets” me.  Someone who cares for my well being.  Someone who is there when I need them.  I believe these are great qualities to have in a true friend.  In your life, you may experience all different kinds of friends.  You may have friends that you made in school or friends you worked with.  There are life long friends & then friends that you knew for a while, but then lost touch.  What ever the kind of friend, they all served a purpose.  Kindness, love, understanding, patience, these are all things that are necessary to find in a friend, but also to practice, so that you may be a true friend.   Recently, I have been blessed to have met up with an old friend, that I have not had contact with for some time.  Since we have been back in each others lives, it’s like we picked right back up where we left off.  Even our preacher laughed & evaded my friend & I  are so excited to see each other, that at times we have to take turns talking!  Others may sometimes think we are in our own little world, because we get so caught up chatting with each other, that we may not realize anyone else is around!


Two sweet friends

However, don’t be deceived.  There are some people who may seem to be true friends on the outside, but on the inside are not.


People who say things to hurt you, with no regard for your feelings, that’s not a friend.

People who act out in anger toward you without a cause, that’s not a friend.

People who are spiteful & jealous of you, that’s not a friend.

People who are more absorbed in themselves than anyone else, that’s not a friend.

People who want you around only when they have time, that’s not a friend.


Once you have a friend, that God takes out of your life, you might want to think long & hard before you chase back after them.  There might be a reason God took them out of your life.  It could be that you can be happier & more productive without them.  It’s sad, but things like this do happen.  When those people lose sight of what it is to be a friend, then, it’s best just to carry on without them.  No good will come out of negativity staying in your life with these folks.  So, just pray for them & move on.  Some people are never happy.  They are jealous hearted & vindictive.  That’s not your fault.  Real friends will not want to see you upset, feelings hurt, or unhappy.  You can’t change others, so give it up, cut ties & let your life take a turn for the better.


In I Samuel 20:12-17, 41-42 there is a wonderful story of two true friends, Jonathan & David.  When Johnathan was being pursued by the jealous King Saul, he had a friend who risked big danger to stand by him.  Jonathan, Saul’s very own son, proved his loyalty to David.  He cautioned him of his father’s intention to kill him (I Samuel 20:31-42),  Later, when Saul went after David in the wilderness, Jonathan, “arose & went to David in the woods & strengthened his hand in God. (23:16)  In I Samuel 20:17 it says that “……he (Jonathan) loved him (David) as he loved his own soul.


What a wonderful thing to have such a friend!  If you love your friends as Jonathan did David, as your own soul, that is an unconditional love.  That is a precious love that is an incredible encouragement.  Jonathan stood by a friend in need. That is power that is only when two people are true friends in life. That aids friends when there is heart ache & pain in this life. It gives another a feeling of security & hope to go on in a sin sick world.  Whose hand can you strengthen by being a true friend today?


I have been so busy with kids, & summer & getting back in school, that I have not blogged much here lately.  I hope to be over all of that soon, so that I can get back to spending time with you.  Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I have to be going for now because I should be washing clothes!

Been busy with these pretty girls!

And could not leave out the latest sweetie I’ve been busy with!


2 thoughts on “What is a true friend?

  1. I agree so much…I wonder why it takes us so much time in our life to learn the simplest thing. That Gods plan is always the best plan for us.

    • You are right! God’s plan is always the best! We are human, so sometimes we miss the mark. But it’s great to know we can always pick back up & do the right thing.

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