When nothing seems right

There are times that it doesn’t take much to get us down, does it?  Maybe some unkind words from a friend, bad news from the auto mechanic, a financial set back, or a misbehaving child can put a cloud of gloom over everything (even on the sunniest of days!).  You know you should be joyful, but everything just seems to be against you, making the simplest task a struggle.

The psalmist David must have been feeling a lot like that when he wrote Psalm 6.  He felt weak & sickly (v. 2), troubled (v.3), forsaken (v.4), weary (v.6), and grief-stricken (v.7).  But he knew what to do when nothing seemed right.  He looked up & trusted God to take care of him & see him through.

When we look up & focus on God, something wonderful happens!  We get our eyes off of ourselves & gain a new appreciation of Him.

Next time you think nothing is right, consider looking up to God for guidance.  He is sovereign (Psalm 47:8).  He loves you (I John 4: 9-10),  He considers you special (Matthew 6:26), He has purpose for your trials (James 1:2-4).

Keeping our eyes on God will make us happy!

Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden & I will give you rest.”

He didn’t say go out & buy something to make yourself feel better.  He didn’t say turn to eating, drinking, or drugs to help you cope with your problems.  He said come to Him.

Yes, life can seem unbearable at times. But don’t let it keep you down.  Meditate on God’s goodness, talk to Him, and know that He hears you (Psalm 6:9).  That will give you the strength & courage to get up when nothing is right.

When life knocks you down, you are in a good position to pray!

Parts of this was taken from an article in Our Daily Bread, written by Dave Branon.  It was such a great read, I had to share it with you all.  Life is hard sometimes, isn’t it?  But if it were easy all the time, what lessons does that teach us?  How would you know how others felt, in their times of pain & sorrow, if you had not been through things similar.  In that case, you can help another person who doesn’t think anything is right! That’s how Jesus wants us to be.  Caring for each other.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I would love to stay & visit but I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes!

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