Respect for Someone wiser

My 17 year old daughter, just recently, had the privilege of being a Page for the Senate of our awesome state! When she got back home, she told stories of how she met all different kinds of people, how she heard many opinions & witnessed bills being turned into laws. She got to meet the governor & have her picture made with him. She got to have a great experience learning about how our great state functions, in the heart of the capital. One thing that really made an impression to her was how the house of representatives & the senate conducted themselves. She said at times, there was yelling, squabbling, and even a representative doing a compelling depiction of a snake (to get his point across about how he felt regarding other representatives votes). It was very entertaining. However, she noted there was one senator, that had the floor when he spoke. She said it was as if everyone was in awe of him. That their respect for him was great & no one would fancy the idea of being anything less than attentive when he made his thoughts known. She said it was if when he spoke, he imparted wisdom.

Jesus is the perfect example of someone people wanted to listen to. In Luke 6, it is told how the multitudes followed Christ.

In verse 17, “He came down with them, and stood on a level place with a crowd of his disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon, who came to hear Him and be healed of their diseases.”

Can’t you imagine such a large group of people listening & hanging on every word of Jesus? Following Him around, just to see what He was going to say next? These people were hungry for the Lord’s words of wisdom. They fed on his righteous teachings. That’s why where ever Jesus went, there was always a crowd. Sometimes He would have to “withdraw” from the group of followers, just to get some rest. (Luke 5: 16) Those folks were longing for the love & saving grace Jesus had to offer to the lost & dying world.  It says in Luke 4:32 that Jesus’s word was with authority.  These people knew they had someone magnificent in their presence.

When did we quit wanting to listen to Jesus? Was it when we got that job that takes up so much of our time, that we hardly have a minute to spend reading the Bible? Was it when we bought that new car or house or boat, that we think we paid for with OUR money? We get too worried with what I can gain, what I can do, what I can be, to remember, we would be nothing, have nothing, or even be in existence without our Lord & Savior. Let’s take a minute to be like these multitudes, that followed Jesus around, in awe of His presence. We should respect Him, when He speaks to us through His word. By faith, we can be like these weary people, who’s main concern was listening to Jesus. In Luke 4: 42 it tells how the crowds sought Jesus & tried to keep Him from leaving them.  Their hearts were in the right place.  Is yours?


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