Words to live by

Following are some things I have been told, at some point throughout my life.  Of course by those wiser than me.  They are pearls of wisdom from people that I love & have loved me.

1.  Always wear a necklace–by Mama

2.  Always tell me the truth.  Because, if you don’t, I will find out.  Then, it will be worse than if you have of just owned up to it. –by Mama

3.  Never pay more than $20,000 on anything that doesn’t have a front porch.–by Daddy

4.  Don’t do drugs.  It’s just not worth it.  You’re better than that.–by my brother

5.  A man that will lie, will steal.– by my Papaw

6.  When they sing the invitation song (at church), don’t you dare move. –by Mama (This was when I was little & could not stay still for nothing.  Remember, my Daddy was the preacher.  He took it very seriously.)

7.  Don’t go to bed with gum in your mouth.–by Mama

8.  For every sorry man, there’s a sorry woman.–by my mother-in-law

9.  I have never gone to church, that when it was over, I said, “I wished I hadn’t done that.” –by my father-in-law

10.  You will never regret being kind.  So, be kind. –by my Mamaw

11.  Don’t wear your Sunday shoes to the barn.–by my Papaw

12.  Shut that smart mouth.–by Mama

13.  You should always be nice to people because when you’re not, well, it just might hurt their heart. –by my youngest daughter

14. Always look under your covers before you get in bed.  –by my mother-in-law

15.  You know what you get when you argue with an idiot?  Two idiots arguing. –by my brother

16.  Always wear lipstick. –by Mama

17.  Never leave the house without looking presentable.  You will always run into someone you know. –by Daddy

18.  Always say yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir.– by Mama

19.  Sometimes you must do things just because somebody else wants you to do it.–by Mama

20.  Don’t blame things on others.  Always ask what could you have done to have made the situation better.–by Daddy

21.   Always act & look better than you feel. –by Mama

22.  Act like somebody.–by Mama

23. It’s ok to be mad at your brother.  But don’t bite yourself & say he did it.–by Mama

Of course I could go on & on.  However, right now I have to stop.  Because I should be washing clothes………..

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