One Word for 2014


So, you may have noticed that my “One Word” for 2014 appeared right over there on my side bar, not long ago.  However, I did not formally introduce the two of you.  I would like to do that now.

Ahem! My new “One Word” for 2014 is


Now, you may wonder, do you not pray?  What’s the big deal with praying?  To answer some of your unspoken inquiries,

“Yes, I pray.”

 I pray in the morning.  I pray when I eat.  I pray at night before I go to sleep.  I also pray at various & asundry times through out the day.  However, I have been praying a little more here lately.  And you know what?  Wonderful things have been happening.  In these little talks with God, it has not only been just a list of asking & wanting.  I have been throwing some thanks & appreciation, in there, as well.  Because there is so much day to day things we have been blessed with, that we should be thankful for.  Praying is not something new to me.  Growing up, we prayed before we ate, we prayed at church, we prayed with the sick, we prayed when Mama came in the room with the belt, & when she said for us to just wait ‘til Daddy got home.  Lots of prayer went on between me & my brother.

Here lately, I have been going a little step further with praying.  I have been praying over any & everything that happens throughout my day.  If it poses a problem, I go to the Lord in prayer, right then & there.  Instead of waiting & relying on my own decision making & knowledge.  The other day I had some personal things to arise.  Instead of leaping into my trying to figure it out mode, I stopped & prayed about it.  Then, I went on with what was going on.  I have tried to remember others in prayer, too.  One morning on the way to work, I prayed for everybody in the car line at school, the teachers, the policeman at school, the lunch ladies, etc.,.  That prayer lasted until I remembered it was time to pray my regular prayer for everybody at work.  See what this has done for me?  Instead of letting my mind go to worries & uncertainties- I am trying to fill it with conversations with God.  Being quite the talker, by nature, this has been working wonders for me!   It was no wonder I chose “Pray” as my “One Word”.  I really want to keep this up, all year long.

Melanie at Only a Breath is the sweet lady that makes our “One Word” buttons.  This year she has given a nice tutorial on how to do it.  Go here to read all about it.  Whether you are a fellow blogger & use buttons or are just a wonderful person who loves to read blogs, making time to focus on “One Word” this year is life changing.  Last year my “One Word” was Confidence.  It reminded me stepping out of my comfort zone is ok.  And that I need confidence to put more action in my life.

Maybe Paul telling the church at Thessalonica to

Pray without ceasing I Thessalonians 5:17

Was more than just a grand idea.  Maybe it was for their own good.  It’s for our greater good, too.  So, I am hopeful this will encourage me & you to focus on an area of our lives that we need to be working on constantly.

I am so glad you have come by to visit with me today.  I hope you will choose “One Word” to help you in your walk, too.  As for me, I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes.

one word