A Lesson in Prayer

prayerDo you ever have times when you talk to God all day long? Or maybe all night long? I know I have done both. It is always a good idea to talk to God. Then, give Him a chance to talk to you by opening up His Word. Whatever you have going on, like my Miss Neenee, you will find life is more bearable with the comfort of the Lord with you.
With it being the end of school, there was some testing done a week ago. It is the first year my daughter has taken achievement tests. Her teacher prepared them, basically all year long, for these tests. Then, the week before the actual tests, they did practice tests. That was just so they could get used to what the tests looked like, how to answer, etc.,. They were, however, graded on these.
The weekend before the tests were to take place, we had an action plan. We bought her favorite Special K cereal with Red Berries , at the grocery store. This way, we could get up & not be rustling around in the pantry wondering what was for breakfast every morning. Next, I washed her clothes & put some outfits together. I made her lunch before I went to bed. This would take some stress out of our morning routine. Last, I promised her I would wake her up at least 15 minutes earlier each morning. That would give her extra time to get ready & hopefully not be so stressed out by the time we left the house.
On the 1st morning of the tests, we ate breakfast & got ready in record time. We were in the car ready to go. As we started driving to school- it all started. The wringing of hands, the worried look, the silence. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “I’m not going to do good on these tests.”
I said, “Why do you think that?”
She starts wailing, “They are going to be hard. Like stuff I don’t know ,hard. I just know it’s going to be bad.”

If any of my children are like my grandmother, this one is it. We called my grandmother Mama Boyce. She was somewhat of a worrier. When I say somewhat, I mean Lord have mercy, the biggest worry wart ever to live on the face of the Earth. She had passed away before my daughter was born. However, her genes did not miss my girl.
I told her, “ You made advanced on the practice tests. You are going to be fine.”
“Yeah, but what if I’m not?” she returned.
“What you do is pray about it before you take the test. Then, pray during & even after the test. Because you know you can pray anytime, anywhere.” I explained.
“Humph.” she said, shrugging her shoulders. Then more silence followed. We got to the spot where I drop her off. We said our goodbyes & I reminded her to pray.
That evening when I got home she said, “You know, that test today was not that bad.”
I hugged her up & asked her, “Did you pray?”
“Yep” ,she said, “all day long.”

I am so thankful you came by to visit with me today.  I hope you have a wonderful long weekend.  We will be grilling & spending time with family.  But for now, I have to be going because I should be washing clothes!