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A few years ago, our preacher threw out a challenge to our church congregation.  I am so glad he did!  Finally, I read the whole New Testament.  It was a schedule to read the New Testament in 100 days.  It was conveniently done between Memorial Day & Labor Day.  I have to say, it was fairly easy to do.  I have not done it since & wanted to do it again.  I think reading through the Bible, the New Testament especially, is such a blessing.  Many times, when I open up God’s Word, I see something different, that I didn’t quite see before.  Something that is speaking to me because I am going through things that I was not, the last time I read over it.  How does God do that?  How does He make a book that you will always find truth, love, encouragement, faith & wisdom that applies to our ever changing lives, for all our lives?  That makes me appreciate & respect the love of God even more!

So, now that I am giving you a couple of weeks to get mentally prepared for this, let’s read through the New Testament!  You can start on Memorial Day & end on Labor Day.  Or get started now!  Click here for the original post & the schedule.


Not that anybody cares, or even noticed, but we have had a crazy thing called Mono going on at my house.  That is why I did not share anything with ya’ll last week.  Miss Neenee started out with it in March.  She had some trouble with her spleen being enlarged.  And still is having the same problem.  I have to take her to the doctor again this week for it. (This is May, right?)  So for several weeks this kid has been in a little pain.  Since I have done my best to teach my kids to be kind & giving, she could not wait to give mono to me.  Serves me right for holding her & patting & kissing her face & letting her basically lay all over me for these said several weeks.  You know the stuff you do for your kids…..And too, I realized today that we keep our tooth brushes in the same drawer & I may have accidently used hers one day.  So, it’s all my fault.  I take all the responsibility.  Because I got the MONO VIRUS myself.  Hey, we have to share everything, I reckon.  I am better, though, thank you.  My oldest daughter said to me yesterday,

“Hey, I didn’t see you post on your blog last week.”

Sweet, only reading, precious person, who probably even noticed.  That’s why she’s a keeper & I love her & why I surround myself with people who love me.

Did you know you can read through the New Testament in a month?  You only have to read 9 chapters a day for 29 days.  That sounds doable.

Thank you for stopping by today.  It was a gorgeous weekend in Northeast Mississippi.  I hope you got to get out in it.  Now let’s get to reading in God’s Word!  It will make your faith in God & humanity go over the top.  It’s all about sharpening the saw & keeping yourself fresh & growing in your Christian walk.  I will be taking this challenge for myself, but for now, I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes.

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challenge accepted

How to read the Old Testament in a year- I think I can do it!

Alright, I know it’s February & I know you should know by now, sometimes, it takes me a little while to get things straight in my head. But, in my defense, once I do, I can normally “get to doing” whatever it is.

I have been making attempts at reading the Old Testament. I have read all of Genesis, Proverbs, & am working on Job. Today, I decided to take another approach, to keep me on track. After much thorough, grueling, & perplexing research ( I googled it & got my answer in a nano second), I found out, there are 929 chapters in the Old Testament. That is about 18 chapters a week, I need to be reading. One website suggested 2 chapters each week day, 3 chapters on Saturday & 5 chapters on Sunday. I liked that. This way, if I don’t want to read the books or chapters in Bible order, I can still stay on target.

Just wanted to pass this on to my peeps. (Yes, I consider you my peep ). Last year, I read the New Testament from Memorial Day to Labor Day.(You can see the reading schedule in one of my previous blogs in May 2012). You would be really surprised at how differently you understand the New Testament reading it like a book. Not just hopscotching through it, picking out verses and stories here & there. That’s what I had been doing for years. So glad I took the time to read it. I should be going now. I have to continue reading my 18 chapters, of the Old Testament, for this week & after that, alas, washing clothes……..