And just like that, November was over & December scripture writing plan

Hey y’all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving.  Ours was so good.  We had family over & ate & ate & ate.  But hey, it’s ok. We won’t have to do that again for another few weeks.  Since I have made myself pretty scarce here lately, I will try to catch you up a bit on what’s been a happening.

Miss Neenee had a birthday.  It has become more like a birthday week.  It takes over & it’s hard to get rid of it.

Miss Neenee & Daddy

Miss Neenee & Daddy

First we started out with Sunday lunch, for her birthday.  When we said, “Eat”, of course Daddy was there!

Miss Neenee & Mr. Sweetie Pants

Miss Neenee & Mr. Sweetie Pants

Mr. Sweetie Pants was so excited to give Miss Neenee her present.

abdaykade-hugHe can be so sweet!  No wonder I call him Mr. Sweetie Pants!

abdayThen, on Friday night, some of her friends came for a little Escape Room fun.


abday-lillyMiss Neenee got one of those cute candy bar posters.  Thus, this ended her birthday week.  Along with Orange Danishes for breakfast on her birthday, cupcakes, presents, calls, texts, instagram messages, visits, & a sleepover.

My girls

My girls

Then, there was Thanksgiving.  I just don’t know what I would do without these 2 girls in my life.  As her custom, Livie spent the night with us on Thanksgiving Eve.  We all had breakfast together the next morning.  Which was a BLESSING.  Because I love all these people to pieces, y’all.

I sure do love these faces BIG!

I sure do love these faces BIG!

My nephew is in his 1st semester at Ole Miss.  He’s got straight A’s, is in a fraternity, is living in the dorm, is chasing girls, making new friends, & did I say has straight A’s??  He’s a smarty pants alright.  My sweet niece, Livie, is playing basketball, is sophomore class president, she’s active in her church, & is going to be 16 years old this month.  She’s precious as the day is long.  I was so glad they haven’t gotten too big to come hang out with their aunt.

thanksgiving-turkMy eldest daughter always makes something festive for occasions that arise throughout the year.  This Thanksgiving, she made a turkey cheeseball.  It was so good, too.  She also made some chocolate covered pumpkin & cream cheese candy.  I told her on Friday she needed to come get them, I was eating too many of them.

She said, “Eat them all, I don’t want to bring them home.” 

Well, I must have taken that for some sort of commandment or something because I just about did.  My middle daughter made chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter pies, & mashed potatoes.  Which was also really good.  Miss Neenee helped me cook everything else.  She’s quite handy that way.  We ate a lot & laughed a lot.

My people

My people- JW, Livie, Bud, & Miss Neenee

Oh, I do have to tell you one more thing.  You know we have these grandkids that are entertaining as the dickens.  Well, not to be shown up, Daddy was in rare form at dinner.  He went to a whole new level of hilarious.  I promised him I wouldn’t share any pictures.  But just think about this,

my 72 year old Daddy & Snapchat filters.

Could. Hardly. Contain. Myself.  We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore.  He looked like a deer in one, a panda bear in another, and I believe he had a rainbow spewing out of his mouth on the one we had to quit on.  When my E.A. & him get together, there’s always trouble.  And she was the one that provided the Snapchat filters for the entertainment.


Lastly, I didn’t want to forget the December scripture writing plan.  Shannon at Sweet Blessings does such a wonderful job on these each month.  So blessed that she lets me share these with y’all.

I hope y’all have had a great couple of weeks.  We are looking forward to the next holiday, which is THIS MONTH.   Miss Neenee & me put up the Christmas tree.  I think it’s the earliest I have ever put it up.  These grandbabies just make it so exciting! treeYay Christmas!

While we were putting up the tree, Miss Neenee decided a cup of hot chocolate would be really nice.  hot-chocolateDoesn’t this look good?  She fixed it all up herself & gave it to me.  It was really rich & creamy & probably had no calories at all, since we were on a holiday & putting up the tree & having a good time.  I hear calories don’t count at times like that.

Until next time, I have to be going, because I should be washing clothes.

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The Willie & Waylon method of parenting

My brother, of whom I affectionately refer to as "Bud".

My brother, of whom I affectionately refer to as “Bud”.


It’s funny how everybody has opinions about how to raise kids.  Some things work for this kid.  Other tactics work for that one.  No two kids are exactly alike.  That’s for sure!  My mama, being the good Southern mother she was, had an unconventional approach to parenting.  It appears she used the “Willie Nelson/Waylon Jennings method”.  If you ain’t quite sure what in the world that is, just follow me down this rabbit trail for a bit.

Mama loved to listen to country music.  Willie & Waylon were 2 of her favorites.  The song, “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” was literally written about how to bring up your kids.  The lyrics go:

Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys Don’t let ’em pick guitars and drive them old trucks Make ’em be doctors and lawyers and such

So, that’s just what mama did. She made sure my brother was raised with all the Southern graces & hospitality that a boy could be. He did not attend cotillion classes, however, was well versed in how to act right, carry on conversations with politeness, & mind his manners at the table. His learning came from being a preacher’s kid. My mama wouldn’t have her kids carrying on like a bunch of hooligans. He was to behave & “act like he had some raisins’ ”. She was the first to tell him when his behavior was less than stellar. Many times it could be a swift smack. My mama was a smacker. So you knew what was coming if you did step out of line.  Daddy was more of a belt man.  I saw this the other day & thought, yep, more people need to be buying  & using these.


Daddy did use the occasional ping pong paddle.  But, low & behold, it must not have done any permanent damage to Bud because, ya’ll, he grew up to be a lawyer. Just like Willie & Waylon used to sing about. And mama was so proud of him. She wouldn’t boast of it much, because, you know, not everybody’s boy got to be a lawyer. She didn’t want people to think for a second ANY of us had become high falootin’. (Because mama didn’t raise him to think he was better than anybody else. It must have really worked. He has passed that attribute on to his kids. Who are both a hoot & a half, but are very grounded in life.) I would say, if done right, the Willie & Waylon parenting method has some salt to it. For my brother, at least. It kept him from:

  1. Growing up to be a cowboy. (the kind that is a self seeking wanderer & never stays in one place for long at a time. Which we did think for awhile there he was going to be a bachelor for life. But thank the LORD for my sister-in-law, who changed all that for good.)  Mind you he has cleaned many a barn stalls, rode horses, tended to hogs, chickens, dogs, cats, & swam in the branch on hot summer days.
  2. Being a truck driver. Albeit, there are worse things to be. However, he has opted for a life off the road to make his living. Although, there was the time he moved to Atlanta to work. He lived in his car, ate on the run, & didn’t shower much. That’s kinda like a truck driver.
  3. Never staying home & always being alone. Let me say he would much rather be at home than traveling. It’s just something about sleeping in a house with all your peeps under one roof, that is good for the soul. There is always camaraderie going on with his bunch. Ne’er a dull moment.
  4. Loving smoky ole pool rooms. Mind you, he does love a friendly game of pool. He has never been the one to let leisure & responsibility collide. Being responsible & a rock for us all to lean on has always been his specialty. This is where I need to say he is God fearing, too.  Good people is what he is.
  5. Being hard to love. If you are around my brother, for any amount of time, & do not deem him likeable & more fun than a ride at the county fair, then you need to quit being such a stick in the mud. He’s always the life of the party. He loves to laugh. And ya’ll, he is quite the dancer. Not the kind of dancer that has any rhythm, but hey, he’s out there trying. You have to LOVE that. My kids think he is the BEST & hands down, I totally agree.

Bud olemiss

I know Father’s Day has just passed, but I did want to give a shout out to a WONDERFUL brother, daddy, & friend. He is a terrific brother that has such a great sister. Dadgum, he’s lucky.

Thank you for coming by to visit with me today.  I hope everybody had a good Father’s Day weekend.  We had a birthday we celebrated, as well.  It was outside & it was hot.  But we are into June with this year, so it was just as expected.  Until next time, I have to be going because I should be washing clothes.

Birthday boy in all his cuteness

Birthday boy in all his cuteness

Mr. Sweetie Pants enjoying the festivities.

Mr. Sweetie Pants enjoying the festivities.

What party is not complete without some water balloon action?

What party is not complete without some water balloon action?


And this guy.  He's always willing to play with the kids.  They are a bit smitten by him.

And this guy. He’s always willing to play with the kids. They are a bit smitten by him.

Sweet boys- they didn't care it was hot.

Sweet boys- they didn’t care it was hot.


Happy birthday Daddy & sometimes you just need to get your own tractor

Over the weekend, we had a birthday lunch for my Daddy.  He only turned 70 this year!  That’s a lot of birthdays for a baby that was born with a hole in his heart.

Daddy & Livie

Daddy & Livie

This picture of Daddy & my niece Livie is remarkable & amazing. Mostly, because Daddy just came from a several day long stay with Livie & Jaydub whilest my brother & wife were off on vacation.  Remarkable & amazing because Livie will still sit beside him & smile!  Let alone speak to him.  I don’t think he was too hard on them.


Some of the girls

Some of the girls

This is my eldest daughter, Ray, & Miss Neenee.  You see my daughter’s eyes?  She was supervising my brother, holding my sweet little granddaughter.  Mother hen.

We a pizza eatin' bunch.

We a pizza eatin’ bunch.

Of course there was food.  We always need a reason to get together to eat.  Birthdays, holidays, Sunday after church, Thursday night grilled, any reason, really.  Why?  Because we are just that good at it.  My nephew said the prayer & we chowed down.

Close up Mr. Sweetie Pants

“Grand can you see me?”

And then there was the entertainment.  We had my 5 month old granddaughter, to pass around.  There was lots of ooing & ahhing over her.  My sister in law just says, “I will handle the baby.”  And she does.  Mr. Sweetie Pants sat in his seat for approximately 1.35 minutes while he shoved a few bites of pizza in his mouth.  The rest of the time it was lots of  him running, doing his superhero impressions, & me silently praying, thanking the Good Lord above we had our dining area to ourselves.

Ray & Mr. Sweetie Pants

Ray & Mr. Sweetie Pants

Occasionally, Mr. Sweetie Pants would stop, just long enough for one of the girls to grab him & hold him.

Time for a birthday cupcake!

Time for a birthday cupcake!

And once he stopped just long enough to grab a birthday cupcake.  And to say, “What about now, Grand? Do you see me?”  Yes I do.  Now stop it.

Bud, Jaydub, & Livie

Bud, Jaydub, & Livie

It seems like my niece & nephew were just the size of Mr. Sweetie Pants.  Now, he is 16 & she is 13.  Time quit flying!!

Happy birthday to my Daddy!

Happy birthday to my Daddy!

There were a few other camera dodgers that were there with us.  We had a wonderful afternoon.  Daddy left with another birthday under his belt & I left one tired Grand.

Kids on the lawn mowers at the local Lowe's

Kids on the lawn mowers at the local Lowe’s

No trip to town would be complete without a dash into the local Lowe’s.  Look.  Lawn mowers.

Mr. Sweetie Pants riding the "tractor".

Mr. Sweetie Pants riding the “tractor”.

He was so excited to ride the “tractor”.  So excited, that when his Pap strolled by, he wanted to be sure he was going to get to ride all by himself.

Mr. Sweetie Pants directing his Pap.

Mr. Sweetie Pants directing his Pap.

“Pap, your tractor is over there.”  He does like to drive by his self, ya know?

Thank you for stopping by to see me today.  I hope you are having a terrific week.  With the holiday, we will have a short work week.  Sign me up for some more of that!  I have to be going now, because I should be washing clothes.

30 Days of Gratitude

Day 17

Slug burgers & fried pickles

Slug burgers & fried pickles

I am thankful for slug burgers & fried pickles.  If you don’t know what a slug burger is, well, you must not be from the South.  We eat these with pride.  It is so delectable & tasty we have a festival in town honoring the Slug Burger.  Read about that here.

Day 18

Sirius on my car

Sirius on my car

I am thankful for Sirius Radio on my car.  I don’t know what Miss Neenee EVER did without Radio Disney.  When my older girls ride with me, they say, “Do we have to listen to Radio Disney the whole time?”  No sweetie, we don’t, but remember sometimes you have to sacrifice to make others happy.

Day 19

Bone in pork loin

Bone in pork loin

I am thankful that when I see something like this, I can get excited because I know I have someone at home that can make this goo-ood!  Thursday night grilled goes on all year round.  My sweetie is always cooking up something tasty.  Ain’t none of us lacking in the eatin’ good department.

Day 20

Tutti Fruitti crew

Tutti Fruitti crew

I am thankful for Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt.  I really think I could live off of frozen yogurt.  It becomes a major staple in my diet from time to time.  I think I will come up with a frozen yogurt diet.  I could start my morning off with coffee flavored yogurt, lunch could be tutti fruitti flavor, for supper it could be salted pretzel caramel flavor with red velvet cake flavor for dessert.  Why am I still working a desk job when I have such incredible diet ideas??  I mean the dieting/weight loss industry is a multimillion dollar thing.  Oh wait, I know.  Because they don’t need my yogurt help.  Serves me right.

Day 21

mudI am thankful for mud on this tire.  This mud is from a little ride we took on our property.  I am glad we are blessed by being landowners.  And I am glad for the mud ridin’ we get to do there!

Day 22OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am so thankful for my sweet daughters.  You cannot make me believe there are any better kids anywhere.  I just don’t know what I would do without them!

Day 23M & MAMA


I am so thankful for these two ladies.  This is day 23 of being thankful & on November 23rd, my Mama would have been 67 years old.  This is a picture of her & my Mamaw (her mama).  This is how I like to remember both of them.  My Mama passed away in 2002.  She was a wonderful mother & Christian woman.  She was loving & kind to everyone.  She taught me so much.  I miss both of them more than words can say.  I am so blessed to have had their examples in my life.



I am so thankful for my brother, of whom I affectionately refer to as Bud.  He is such a great person, handsome & charismatic.  He is a fantastic Dad & husband.  He got a lot of maternal instincts from my Mama.  He’s a good cook, will clean, & when my niece was little, he fixed her hair for school every day.  He takes care of his family & is very loyal.  He’s a good planner & organizer.  He’s sweet & considerate.  He’s the type of person you always want on your team.  He always has my back.   He is the reason Mama & Daddy had me.  They wanted another child as precious as him.  I am the reason they did not have any more kids. (True story)

Day 25OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am very thankful for this young man with my Daddy.  He is my nephew.  He is such a kind, sweet spirited boy.  He takes after my brother.  He always makes time to talk to me.  He is very athletic & handsome.  He is funny & smart, as well.  Before he left my house, the last time, he made everyone well aware that he was the tallest person at our house.  That’s ok little nephew.  You will always be a sweetie pie to me.

Day 26OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am very thankful for my sweet niece.  She is officially taller than me…. sad sigh 😦  She is beautiful, talented, funny & smart.  She always returns my texts.  She is the Snapchat queen.  She is tall like my Mama was.  She always makes me feel special.  She makes me proud to be her aunt.


Day 27OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am so thankful for Mr. Sweetie Pants’ ability to keep gum in his mouth.  He knows I keep gum in my purse.  He always tries to get as much gum out of me as he can. Here’s how the conversation went:

“Grand, I wantgum.”

“I just gave you gum.”

“Grand, I wantgumnow.”

“You still have gum in your mouth, let me see it.”

And there it was.


Day 28OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am thankful for my family.  This is my brother, his wife, & my Daddy.  I love these people to pieces.  They are worth getting up early on my day off & cooking breakfast for.


Day 29OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am thankful for this sweet family.  This is my son, daughter-in-law, & of course Mr. Sweetie pants.  They all bring lots of smiles to our lives.

Day 30OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am thankful for these two together.  I just don’t know what I would do without her or him.  She is like a little mama with him.  He is a rambunctious, precious little boy.  Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Love. Every. Minute. Of. It.


Whew!  Finished this 30 day challenge.  I am so blessed & thankful for the fullness of my life.  I hope you have enjoyed this little project I did.  I am glad you stopped by to visit with me.  I would love to stay longer, but I have to be going because I should be washing clothes.